You already have customers, now keep them coming back

Create and launch your own in-store loyalty program in just 3 minutes

Points collectors spend more

Research shows that one loyalty card member is better than two non-members, and they spend up to 2x more per visit.

Loyalty rewards make you stand out

And more popular too. Our seamless platform integrates with Facebook, giving you free organic marketing as you go.

Reach every single customer

Sign your customers up any way you want. Using their phone number, email, or just get them to check-in via the free Loyalzoo app.

How it works

Loyalzoo adapts to the way your business works – leaving you in control

loyalty card app in hand

Ask your customers to check-in at your store using their own phone and the free Loyalzoo app. This way they’ll pop-up on your till system and you’ll be able to manage their loyalty points/stamps in an instant. Or…

loyalty system on till

…if using apps does not suit your customers, just sign them up to your loyalty program directly on your point-of-sale system using their phone number or email address. Points/stamps are delivered by SMS text or email.

Clover station with loyalty system

The Loyalzoo POS software runs on most touchscreen point-of-sale terminals, computer-based tills, tablets and smartphones. The choice is yours. And we also run natively on Clover and Epos Now systems.

push promotion message

Push promotions to your customers

Loyalzoo is more than just a replacement for loyalty cards. By pushing promotions directly to their phones, you get to boost customer retention and increase sales in those quiet times. Our delivery system intelligently chooses between email, sms or push notifications.

Free social media marketing

When customers sign up to the Loyalzoo app using Facebook, their check-ins automatically appear in their friends’ Facebook feed, giving you valuable word-of-mouth exposure.

Your very own branded loyalty card

Put your brand in your customers’ pockets with your own digital loyalty card. And with the option to add your own logo and colouring it is just like having your own loyalty app!

Results at a glance

Our secure merchant dashboard gives business owners access to customer analytics and footfall trends, just like the big brands. Weekly stats are sent automatically by email.

A loyalty system used by hundreds of businesses like you

Stephan Deare-Bilham

Manager – The Grove Park Deli, Chiswick, London

Eamonn Carmichael

Manager – Gochisou, Chiswick, London

Pricing and signup

  • You sign them up, we bring them back

    With a choice of digital stamps or flexible points, run your custom loyalty program in no time. Signup customers by email/phone number or mobile app

  • Supports multiple locations

    If you have a chain of stores, easily share loyalty points/stamps across all of them. Your customers can use them at any of your locations.

Monthly plan

No contracts, cancel anytime
7-day free trial
Stamps or points
2 push promotions per month
Branding available ($50 one-off)

Annual plan

Pay 10 months, get 2 months free ($570/year)
7-day free trial
Stamps or points
4 push promotions per month
Branding included

* Per store – All prices are in USD

What do I get with a Loyalzoo plan?

A Loyalzoo subscription:

  • Offers a choice of virtual stamp cards or flexible points to implement the program that best suits your business
  • Works for all your customers, as long as they have a smartphone
  • Includes everything you need to promote your programme, including POS material such as stickers and props
  • Lets you and your staff welcome customers by name, and offer a better customer experience
  • Gives you access to monitoring the performance of your loyalty program from your own Control Panel
  • Allows you to send special promotions directly to your customers’ phones
  • Requires no contract and no commitment, you can cancel at any time!

Are there any setup fees or other extra charges, such as sales tax or VAT?

We charge no setup fees, and our monthly price includes everything. UK VAT (value added tax) is charged on top of our prices only for UK customers.

How do Loyalzoo Promotions differ from my Loyalty Programs?

Your Loyalzoo loyalty program is the essential part of your rewards scheme, and it is meant to incentivise repeat business. Examples are “buy 8 coffees get one free” and “get 20% off after spending £100”.
Loyalzoo promotions are time limited offers, such as “get 30% off any main course next week Mon to Fri” and “join us for Christmas drinks this Friday at the Jolly Gardener”. Promotions can be set to last up to two weeks, and your customers will be notified of their creation via push notification directly to their phone.

Can I send more promotion messages than the ones allowed in my plan?

Yes. There is a charge of $15 for each additional message.

What do I need in my shop to run Loyalzoo?

The Loyalzoo store app (the interface you use to see your customer check-ins and give them stamps/points), runs on most touchscreen tills, laptop/desktop computers, and on any Apple or Android device (tablet or phone).

Whatever device you choose, you will also need a stable internet connection. We recommend using broadband/WiFi, although a stable 3G connection will work too.

What kind of loyalty program can I create in Loyalzoo?

Two types of program can be created:

  1. You can have digital stamp cards, which emulate the cardboard punchcards everybody is very familiar with. In this case, you’ll be able to create up to three stamp cards. This is ideal for cafes, beauty salons, health centres, delis, bakeries, or any business that may use stamp cards.
  2. Alternatively, you can implement a points based system, similar to the ones used by airlines and large supermarkets. You’ll be able to decide how many points customers get (e.g. 1 point for every pound spent), and define up to three rewards. Ideal for restaurants, gastro pubs, boutiques, or any other business with a diverse range of products/services.

What shall I do with customers already using my cardboard punch cards?

Just create in Loyalzoo the same digital stamp card you offer with your punch cards. Then when customers show up with the cards, just give them the same number of stamps in the app.

How long does it take to activate my account?

As soon as you have completed the signup form, you will be up and running. You will be able to create your loyalty programs (based on points or digital punch cards) immediately.
Your shop/cafe/restaurant will be visible to your customers within the Loyalzoo app as soon as you create your first digital stamp card or points scheme.

What about customer and transaction data? Who owns them?

Your customers list belongs to you, you can always download it, and you have access to it via your admin area until you have an active merchant account with Loyalzoo.

Customer details, such as their name, photo and contacts, are also yours to use, but are shared with other merchants who transact with the same customer. However the transactional data between you and your customers are yours only.

For the Enterprise Plan, the data from your POS system are processed by a third-party, which is a registered data processor with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

No data is fed into other third party systems without your consent.

What if I need help?

Please contact us at or call us at  1 (347) 674 0953.

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