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Company background:

A small but perfectly formed Deli, specializing in fresh, home-cooked food and bespoke catering for both private and corporate customers. Grove Park Deli has been creating and presenting delicious food for over 20 years

Business challenges:

Grove Park Deli is located in an area away from the highstreet so footfall can be slower at times and new customers can be harder to acquire


  • Nurture VIP customers so there is less need for acquiring new customers
  • Increase catering services so they are less reliant on footfall

Leveraging the Loyalzoo software:

  • The Grove Park Deli provides extra rewards to their VIPs by automatically sending special offers on their catering services

Small shop, consistent results:

Grove Park Deli’s loyalty program provides stability and predictability from their customers. 4 years on from starting Loyalzoo, Grove Park Deli have an active loyal customer base of almost 400 shoppers who shop frequently at their store and averaging a purchase of 2 items each visit.

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