Idyllic local shops high streets

Why We Like to Shop Local

It is no secret that Loyalzoo – our loyalty app for local shops – came about as a result of our own interests. We enjoy to shop local in our neighbourhood, and want to help these shops grow and compete against

cluttered wallet

Are Digital Loyalty Cards Really All That?

Digital is here to stay in most aspects of our lives and it does make things easier. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider making your loyalty program digital – and 2 points to consider before taking the plunge. Customers have enough

Business owner working out the numbers

6 Things To Consider Before Your Groupon Deal

Groupon is tempting to many because of the potential of bringing in thousands of new customers. Instead of jumping into it, hoping for the best, here are 6 things to ask yourself before you go ahead to help you prepare for

Customer loyal to apple

What is Customer Loyalty and How Can You Earn It?

Loyal customers are wonderful. They provide a friendly face, are less sensitive to price and are likely to recommend you to others. Sounds great doesn’t it? So how do you earn a customer’s loyalty? Because that’s what it’s all about

Customer drowning in apps

An app a day…Keeps the customer away?

Thinking about investing in a custom branded app for your business? Read this first. Brands and businesses are releasing their own apps every second of every day. But there is little proof that it makes an enormous difference in increasing

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