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Today, 27 March 2014, we are launching our first crowd-funded investment round. This is an opportunity to invest in one of the most radical initiatives to have hit the high street.

Here are three reasons why you should invest in Loyalzoo.

1)  We support the independents

Loyalzoo was set up to support independent shops and eateries, to give them the sort of mobile loyalty platform which the big brands are already using. Too often, technology puts more power into the hands of big business. Large retail chains have grown to dominate high streets all over the country, making it harder for independent shops to compete. Loyalzoo is different. We support the small guys. It is independents that give an area that special ‘buzz’, that make it feel different. Even if people shop online or do their weekly at the big retail park, everybody wants to see small shops thrive. Loyalzoo supports the independents by connecting them with their customers and giving them a network to plug their shop into.

2)  An app for all open to all

So Loyalzoo is something more than another of the many add-ons or games that abound in the tech sector. Loyalzoo is a social app which changes the way people shop, how they relate to each other, how their neighbourhoods look and feel.  This is not an app for a niche market or narrow age group. Everyone can use it, from the young office worker grabbing a coffee on the way to work to the retired lady at her local salon. And although we are a British company based in Chiswick, some of the busiest shops using our app are in Japan and the USA. Loyalzoo is a local app that can be used by anyone anywhere in the world. That’s why we chose to crowd-fund our first round of investment. Through the Seedrs crowd-funding site, anyone can invest in Loyalzoo. You can put in as little as £10 – or a lot more if you want – and watch your money grow!

3)  Investing in Loyalzoo is all about rewards

There are not many investment opportunities which could also change your neighbourhood for the better. Loyalzoo is all about rewards: rewards for customers at their favourite local shops, rewards for merchants in building their loyal customer base, rewards for investors as our brand spreads through every neighbourhood; the reward for everybody in seeing our local areas thrive. The independent sector is still by far the largest segment of the retail market. The types of independents may change, but there are always people opening their own shops and restaurants. The potential market for Loyalzoo here in Britain as well as around the world is truly vast.


In a few years’ time, loyalty cards will be a thing of the past and shops everywhere will be using apps to give rewards and connect with their customers. Loyalzoo is making that change happen. Make sure you too are in at the start!

To invest in Loyalzoo and in the future of your neighbourhood, go to the Seedrs website: www.seedrs.com/startups/loyalzoo.

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