Loyalzoo fundraising 2016

Loyalzoo Fundraising 2016

When we started Loyalzoo back in 2013, our guiding light was loyalty for SME’s as a panacea. We knew we had created something disruptive and game changing; a loyalty offering aimed at independent merchants which would at the same time do a lot to help the ailing high street both here in the UK and in the US.

With this idealism in mind we were purposefully pragmatic, yet very ambitious in our approach; we decided to use the latest technology to deliver something that would put the independents on par with the large retailers/brands and in doing so create a sustainable customer dialogue with multiple benefits. Loyalzoo, the digital loyalty service for SMBs and eateries is now three years old and growing from strength to strength.

As we head to 2017, we’ve seen our idea grow into more than just something viable – we see a big future ahead. There has been massive year on year growth and huge success for our merchants in the usage of their loyalty program by their customers. Loyalzoo is a very “sticky” service.

In October 2016, we are raising £500,000 in private funding and crowdfunding which will propel us to the next level; it’s a very exciting time.

The SME sector represents more than 70% of retail outlets and we want to bring them the access to technology to engage customers and drive repeat business that they need to thrive. To deliver on this promise, Loyalzoo needs to become bigger and more widely used in a much faster timeframe to counter this threat and empower them to grow.

loyalzoo fundraising 2016

It’s still a David and Goliath struggle for the independents and small chains against the big boys. We’re working hard to help stop the SME retailers from falling behind but the big brands and retail chains have the advantage. They have access to expensive mobile technology and vast reams of data, or big data, to acquire and retain more customers. Loyalzoo is needed more than ever.

We remain true to our founding principles and our focus is now on realising our exciting go-to-market strategy and pipeline. These are truly exciting times and we need to build a presence on more retail, establish more partnerships and reseller engagements to get where we want to be.

For more information on our ambitious plans for growth, visit our crowdfunding page on Seedrs where you can follow us on our £500k fund raising mission: https://www.seedrs.com/loyalzoo3.

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