Independent shops on leafy high street

There’s no denying that we truly live in a global village, with all of the world’s major cities thriving as cultural and ethnic melting pots. Every day in London, we can look around us and appreciate the rich, vibrant tapestry of peoples who have come from near and far to inhabit this bustling metropolis. The myriad cultures that have created modern-day London can be seen all around us, in lively Spanish tapas bars, ubiquitous Swedish H&M stores and the annual West Indian Notting Hill Carnival festivities.

Borders blurred by technology

Technology in all its forms has played a significant role in facilitating this new inter-connected, exquisitely diverse world in which we live. It has allowed people to stay in touch and even form new personal and professional relationships without ever leaving their countries—or even their homes! As a result, multinational companies with staff and clients from all around the world are increasingly common.

We’re proud to say that Loyalzoo is no different, both in terms of our make-up and our mission. We launched in September 2013 as the very first cloud based loyalty app platform in the UK, offering small and independent businesses the chance to promote their services and build their customer base through increased awareness of their loyalty programmes and special offers.

Loyalzoo: Bringing nationalities and communities together

Mirroring the cultural diversity of our home base, London, we also transcend and blend nationalities—our customers span the globe, we’re a British start-up founded by an Italian and an Irishman, used by Geodana, a South American restaurant in Japan that’s owned by a Nigerian and caters to American servicemen and women. If that’s not a reflection of today’s cosmopolitan international culture, we don’t know what is!

We’re especially happy about this because Loyalzoo was founded out of the desire to build a stronger sense of community among independent business owners and within local neighbourhoods.

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