5 Tips for Proper Hashtag Etiquette – #LiveitLea...

In case you weren’t aware, we’re currently living in the era of the hashtag. With the rapidly growing popularity of Twitter and, more recently, Instagram, the hashtag is now a ubiquitous feature of our online experience. Yet, lots of hashtaggers

Social networks vs loyalty apps

4 Reasons why Loyalty Apps are better than Social ...

We’re proud that the 2013 launch of Loyalzoo gave the UK its very first cloud-based loyalty app. We know that lots of independent businesses are wondering: why should I sign up? Many business owners think that promoting their reward programmes

digital marketing

3 Reasons to Diversify your Business’ Marketing ...

2014 represents a critical time for businesses to spice up their marketing strategies. The past few years have seen digital marketing blossom and thrive, but now business owners and marketers need to reassess the success of their marketing strategies and

creative strategy in mobile marketing

Creative Mobile Marketing: the Essential Marketing...

Marketing strategies for small and large businesses alike now require more careful planning than ever before. With the rapidly burgeoning number of social media platforms and mobile devices, along with the breathtakingly fast pace at which technology is evolving, businesses


Ditching outdated marketing

If there’s one thing modern day guys and gals just can’t get enough of, it’s technology. We want everything there at our fingertips in an instant, and that also applies to finding out about deals and specials in our neighbourhood

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