The digital loyalty system for local stores and eateries

Give staff your phone number, or just check-in with the free Loyalzoo app. No cards, no scans, no hassle.

Be Part Of Something Great

The Loyalzoo app is great for keeping track of all your loyalty points. But it is about something more than that. It is a very practical way of helping consumers support their local shops and restoring pride to their areas. Love your neighbourhood!

Easy As 1, 2, 3

Take a look in your wallet and count the store cards you carry around with you. Then take a look in your bedside drawer and see how many you’re not carrying around with you. Yet shops keep giving out loyalty cards to their customers. Do them a favour – tell them about Loyalzoo. They’ll thank you for it.

We respect your privacy

Loyalzoo is the only digital loyalty rewards program that allows you to sign up without giving personal data – any name will do – or you can sign in using Facebook. Many of us don’t like sharing personal details – we respect that.

Are you a retail or hospitality business owner? Learn how Loyalzoo helps your business

See nearby shops, check-in and get rewarded
Get stamps and rewards
Find places on a map
  • Simple, one-step signup

    When you first open the app you will not be asked to enter personal details. A name will do! No password, no telephone number, no agreements to accept. You can also sign in using Facebook, which allows you to recover points if you switch or lose your phone.

  • Works on every phone

    Unlike many of its competitors, Loyalzoo works on most smartphones: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, you name it. Just type in your mobile browser and download the free app.

  • Just check-in!

    To get points and rewards at your favourite stores, just check-in by tapping the red button. You can do this as you’re walking to the store, or while you’re waiting to be served. Just give your name to the staff to get your loyalty points, or request a reward.

  • Free your wallet

    With our digital loyalty system there is no messing around with QR codes or barcodes, so you won’t have to stand there trying to get everything lined up for that photo capture. And your wallet will thank you for it!

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Are you a retail or hospitality business owner? Learn how Loyalzoo helps your business