Stay connected and get more from your customers

Turn shoppers into creatures of habit by digitizing your business’ rewards program

Loyalzoo increases revenue by

% on average​

Small business, big goals!

Set up a loyalty program that brings results, in a matter of minutes. Create exciting rewards that will drive customers back in-store, without the hassle of paper or plastic cards.

Loyalzoo on tablet

No tech, no worries

Share our simple staff training tutorials with your team and start signing customers up today! 

Use a computer, tablet or smartphone to run the Loyalzoo software or use one of our integrated POS solutions.

Let’s get s'marketing

It’s time to get smart with your marketing efforts. Now you’ve captured your audience, send enticing marketing promotions to reel customers back in-store.


Grow by building better customer relationships

Build Rapport

The Loyalzoo software is like a mini CRM. See your VIPs and write personalized rapport building notes.

Marketing Guru

Register customers and send special marketing promotions post-sale, it’s as easy as that.

Measure Your Success

The secure admin area gives business owners access to reports and trends, just like the big brands. 

Featured by

“We love Loyalzoo! We have six locations and can connect the loyalty program between all of our multi-sites. 

Loyalzoo allows us to gather customer data and use that data to run promotions!



Andrew Foster
Owner, FreshFin Poke

Sejuiced Success Story

Kelly Meeker
Owner, Sejuiced

“The Loyalzoo software allows us to keep in touch with our customers by sending emails and texts within the same platform almost on a weekly basis. We send events and deals to customers. Customers also love receiving points and earning rewards. It’s easy to use, hasn’t let me down, and support is responsive and helpful.”

Tara Butler
Co-owner, Cypress Sweets
“We empower independent retailers and restaurants to run an in-store loyalty program that’s smart, uncomplicated and delivers results,”
Massimo Sirolla
CEO and founder of Loyalzoo

It’s easy to get started

Start your 7-day free trial today, your customers will love you for it.

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