We are the loyalty card for the mobile age

Independent shops on high streetAt Loyalzoo we think we’ve created something special. A loyalty app of simple elegance that makes life better for merchants and their customers. We started Loyalzoo because it seemed crazy that independent shops should be still using paper and plastic loyalty cards. All the big brands had turned to apps, and we could see the same old pattern repeating itself: the big guys get bigger while the small guys get fewer. It doesn’t have to be like that. One of the great things about the mobile age is that it makes big tech available to everybody. That’s what we’re all about.

Busy deliLoyalzoo is a customer retention app. Shops and restaurants have spent heavily over the years trying to attract new customers through discount platforms such as Groupon. For many, it’s been a disaster. They never see these discounted customers again, while their loyal customers are left wondering why they’re paying the full tab. Experience and research both show emphatically that the way to increase traffic and profits is by cultivating your regulars.

The user experience is a big thing for us. Local pubYou can’t expect a customer at her local coffee shop to be scanning QR codes. It’s a geeky thing to do. We wanted an app that would look beautiful and be good to use, for merchants and customers. And that would help merchants get to know their customers by name. Starbucks don’t need to know that, but a local merchant does.

We’re based in Chiswick, West London. It’s a very English neighbourhood with lots of independents. But you can find us now on all five continents, making life simpler for shops and their customers.

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Meet our team

Chris CoyleCommercial Scientist
Gregor DobbieNon Executive Puma
Ivan PlejićMobile Warrior
JP LipsNon Executive Jaguar
Mark RyanFounder & Chief Voice Officer
Massimo SirollaFounder & Chief Executive Zoologist
Nikola BrajnovWeb Developer Wizard
Paul StoddartNon Executive Leopard
Rhiannon DaviesGrowth Scientist
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