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With Track and Trace coming into effect on 4 July, every bar and restaurant should register customer details so they can be contacted in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak. Taken together with reopening after three months’ closure, the hospitality sector is struggling to deal with this new challenge.

But there’s also an opportunity here. As pub-goers will now be expected to provide their contact details, a loyalty program can increase revenue while collecting customer information. Pubs, in particular, have long relied on passing trade. Now is the time to consider more sustainable ways of increasing repeat visits and customer spend.
“We have a perfect example of a temporary problem creating the conditions for a longer-term solution’, says Loyalzoo CEO Massimo Sirolla. ‘The government has said the industry needs to monitor in order to keep people safe. So you need a way of recording names, contact details and time of visit, and it has to be contactless, easy and hygienic. “That’s what we do. Customers can check-in, either by giving their contact details at the till, registering at a tablet on the door or downloading the Loyalzoo app. “So that covers the regulations. But the sweetener for customers is that they now get loyalty points when they buy. It makes giving contact details that bit easier. Then they’re more likely to go out for an evening where they have points, less likely where they don’t. That means more revenue for landlords running a loyalty program”. Loyalzoo has been offering digital loyalty programs since 2014 and its software is fully integrated with a number of popular point-of-sale systems: EposNow, Clover and Poynt. But it also runs in ‘non-integrated mode’ on almost any till system or on a tablet or PC. Thousands of merchants worldwide use it. It is also fully compliant with GDPR. Loyalzoo is proven, robust and easy to use and starts at just £19/month. To register for a free trial go to and get set up in minutes. About Loyalzoo Based in West London, Loyalzoo‘s mission is to help small/medium-sized businesses compete with larger retailers and hospitality by giving them the ability to set up their own, custom-made in-store loyalty program in just minutes, without the need to print cards or buy expensive hardware.

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