With Track and Trace coming into effect on 4 July, every bar and restaurant should register customer details so they can be contacted in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak. Taken together with reopening after three months’ closure, the hospitality sector is struggling to deal with this new challenge.

But there’s also an opportunity here. As pub-goers will now be expected to provide their contact details, a loyalty program can increase revenue while collecting customer information. Pubs, in particular, have long relied on passing trade. Now is the time to consider more sustainable ways of increasing repeat visits and customer spend.

“We have a perfect example of a temporary problem creating the conditions for a longer-term solution’, says Loyalzoo CEO Massimo Sirolla. ‘The government has said the industry needs to monitor in order to keep people safe. So you need a way of recording names, contact details and time of visit, and it has to be contactless, easy and hygienic.

“That’s what we do. Customers can check-in, either by giving their contact details at the till, registering at a tablet on the door or downloading the Loyalzoo app.

“So that covers the regulations. But the sweetener for customers is that they now get loyalty points when they buy. It makes giving contact details that bit easier. Then they’re more likely to go out for an evening where they have points, less likely where they don’t. That means more revenue for landlords running a loyalty program”.

Loyalzoo has been offering digital loyalty programs since 2014 and its software is fully integrated with a number of popular point-of-sale systems: EposNow, Clover and Poynt. But it also runs in ‘non-integrated mode’ on almost any till system or on a tablet or PC. Thousands of merchants worldwide use it. It is also fully compliant with GDPR.

Loyalzoo is proven, robust and easy to use and starts at just £19/month. To register for a free trial go to and get set up in minutes.

About Loyalzoo

Based in West London, Loyalzoo‘s mission is to help small/medium-sized businesses compete with larger retailers and hospitality by giving them the ability to set up their own, custom-made in-store loyalty program in just minutes, without the need to print cards or buy expensive hardware.

Loyalzoo, the digital loyalty service for SMEs, has announced that Jan-Pieter (JP) Lips is joining the board as a non-executive director. As one of the leading pioneers in the loyalty industry, co-founder and MD of Nectar, the UK’s largest loyalty program, and currently, Head of Unified Commerce Enablement at Adyen, JP’s huge experience of the loyalty industry will be an invaluable asset as the company prepares for stellar growth in its US, UK and European markets.

Started in 2014, Loyalzoo has grown to become a recognised brand, allowing smaller businesses reap the benefits of digital innovation. With an extensive product range and partnering with payment companies, such as merchant acquirers, and smart point-of-sale providers, the company has exploited new channels into this vast market which until now has proved hard to access.

With around 2,000 merchants in the US and UK paying for and using its platform, over 4 billion loyalty points given and over 150 new merchants signing up to its platform every month, Loyalzoo has helped transform how small business owners retain their customers and get them spending more. Industry experts as well as savvy merchants have long recognised that it is easier and far more cost-effective to increase spend from existing customers than trying to attract new customers with discount offers. Building on its success as the leading loyalty platform on First Data’s Clover POS, along with integrations on other Smart Pos systems, Loyalzoo has recorded year-on-year growth of over 100% and expects to exceed that growth from 2020 with other partnerships around the world.

Welcoming him to the Loyalzoo board, CEO Massimo Sirolla described JP as one of the leading innovators of the loyalty space. ‘He recognised the importance of loyalty to business success when others were still plugging discounts and offers. He has that pioneering spirit which we value so much at Loyalzoo and he understands the industry like few others. His experience and his contacts will be invaluable to us’.

JP added: ‘people have been scratching their heads for years trying to figure out how to penetrate the SME market for loyalty systems. The scale of it dwarfs the top tier of retailers but it’s incredibly hard to reach. From what I’ve seen, Loyalzoo has cracked it. They have a product set which excels what most of the big brands can offer; they have a tight and experienced team with a clear vision; they have a route to market which they’ve defined and proved. It’s a powerful proposition’.

With major partnerships at their concluding stages in both the US and UK as well as South America, Italy and Eastern Europe, Loyalzoo is well-placed for the next stage of its growth: becoming a world leader in customer loyalty platforms.

About Loyalzoo
Based in West London, Loyalzoo’s mission is to help small/medium sized businesses compete with larger retailers by giving them the ability to setup their own, custom made in-store loyalty program in just minutes, without the need to print cards or buy expensive hardware. Loyalzoo’s service is available directly via the company’s website, resellers, agents, as well as via the digital marketplaces of Clover POS, Aevi, Epos Now, and Poynt.

Will be available as standard offering on all SmartPay terminals

London, 22 May, 2018: Digital loyalty service Loyalzoo has announced partnership in the US with payments industry leader Vantiv, now Worldpay. Using the Aevi open platform, Worldpay has rolled out SmartPay, a new line of smart terminal point-of-sale systems which now feature Loyalzoo’s loyalty software bundled on each terminal.

SmartPay draws together multiple services and applications into an open payments acceptance ecosystem, allowing merchants to run their business from their smart POS terminal. Many different services can be added into this open system such as inventory management and loyalty programs. By offering loyalty points, businesses can reach out to their customers, reward increased spending and better understand purchasing habits and behaviour.

Announcing the partnership, Worldpay’s Jon Pollock, SVP of Product Management, said, “the demand for smart POS systems is growing at an incredible rate. We aim to provide SMB merchants with the very best business apps and payment services to drive growth and streamline their processes. Because effective loyalty programs are crucial for many merchants, including Loyalzoo in our SmartPay application bundle delivers significant value.”

Massimo Sirolla, Loyalzoo CEO explained the significance of the partnership: “We were delighted when Aevi and Worldpay approached us to partner on their new project. Our knowledge in cardless loyalty and our commitment to making the experience as easy as possible for both merchant and customer made us a great fit for their ambitious design.”

Worldpay will be offering merchants across the US a variety of application bundles, all designed to optimise the needs of the business. Loyalzoo will be available on each of those bundles. This means every merchant using Worldpay’s new SmartPay terminals can now run their own loyalty program without having to pay extra for the service.

Loyalzoo allows independent merchants to increase customer retention by hosting their own loyalty program. Since its launch in 2013, the company has given merchants and their customers the most frictionless experience, with merchants awarding loyalty points from their existing POS set-up.

Loyalzoo has partnered with Aevi to bring their “merchant first” digital loyalty card service to Aevi’s marketplace of value added apps and services to merchants worldwide. With demand surging for smart POS terminals that can integrate payments acceptance with other business services, Loyalzoo is poised to bring its model to a wider market.


London, 29 November, 2016: Loyalzoo, a leading digital loyalty service provider for SME retailers and restaurants, has taken its subscription offering to the next level by announcing a fully automated marketing engine aimed at targeting customers at the right time with the right offer.

Running alongside Loyalzoo’s easy to use proven loyalty program, the new Handsfree Marketing feature enables companies to send targeted marketing messages to customers, segmented according to their purchasing behaviour.

Using complex mathematical calculations, the system identifies specific customer-types and ensures delivery of appropriate targeted messages. Whether it is new users, high spenders, returning customers or those who have not visited for some time, the appropriate message or offer is delivered automatically, all for a low monthly cost.

The new feature takes only a minute to set up, in line with Loyalzoo’s “hassle-free” uncomplicated approach to the use of technology within independent retail environments.

According to BrightLocal and the Chamber of Commerce, SMEs on average spend $400 per month on marketing. Using Loyalzoo’s Handsfree Marketing, they could reduce these costs by up to 78 percent, while simultaneously running a digital loyalty program.

“For small businesses marketing can be time consuming, costly and sometimes just non-effective. With this in mind we wanted to invent a feature that provides a new twist on “set and forget” marketing and will revolutionise their approach” says Loyalzoo CEO, Massimo Sirolla. “Meanwhile, it allows business owners to focus on what they do best – running their business.”

Loyalzoo is already working with hundreds of merchants across the UK and US, and has been named one of the UK’s top 50 most disruptive businesses by Everline Future 50.

Since 2014, the company has made huge strides in the loyalty space thanks to its easy to use digital service. The stress-free, self service nature of the solution is its unique selling point. “Loyalzoo has been absolutely wonderful! It’s a lot less of a hassle than our previous system since the customers do not need to remember a card. It’s wonderful! It works great with our office and store, we are so happy to have found this system!” says Cynthia Monette, Owner at Avena Integrative Medical Centre of Putnam, Connecticut.

Loyalzoo recently launched a third crowdfunding campaign to support on-going growth and to establish a team in the US, working alongside its UK headquarters (

Note for editors

About Loyalzoo – Digital loyalty card service for SME retailers and eateries

Based in west London, Loyalzoo was founded to help small/medium sized businesses compete with larger retailers and brands in an increasingly mobile/digital world. Loyalzoo is unique in the industry, as retailers of any size can setup their own, custom made in-store loyalty program in just minutes, without the need to print cards or buy expensive hardware. It also operates directly from most point-of-sale systems, avoiding any change or disruption for merchants and their staff. Loyalzoo’s service is available directly via the company’s website, resellers, agents, as well as via the digital marketplaces of Clover POS and Epos Now.

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Happy staff = happy customers

Have you ever had the worst customer service ever? It ruins your day and you walk out of the store fuming. Now have you been served by an absolutely outstanding staff member and their customer service is next level? How amazing does it feel?  Now that’s what helps create loyalty! Maybe it’s time to reflect on your businesses environment and start making some positive changes to motivate staff.

Reward employees for great performance

motive staffIt’s one thing to congratulate the team as a whole but individually rewarding staff for hard work is a great tactic.  It means those who go above and beyond feel appreciated and it makes underperforming staff realise they too can work just that little bit harder.  A few great ways to do this is by:

Note: make sure to reward for various types of work, otherwise you may just end up rewarding the same staff members over and over again.

Incentivise using food to motivate staff

motivate staffWell you’ve heard that food is the way to a mans heart but it’s also the way to a staff members heart. Your employees work hard and there’s nothing better than shouting your team lunch. Without spending too much either, you will find a full stomach leads to better productivity and happiness. Try and use mood boosting food to motivate staff such as healthy burgers incorporating eggs and avocado or why not even try keeping a fruit bowl in the lunch room. You’ll be surprised how much this can change your staff members happiness.

Utilise wall space

motivate staff
Ok maybe motivational quotes are a bit old school but who’s to say you can’t try the following:

Bulletin boards: This is a fantastic way to communicate outstanding work, pictures from staff events, posting about birthdays or if there is nothing to communicate put up a joke. Communication is the key to running a business and if the staff can take part in it and get the creative, the more they will be willing to exchange ideas and converse.

Business news: Sometimes it’s hard to get staff excited about business news. You as the business owner find everything exciting when it comes to advances in the business, so why not let them choose when to get excited by it.  Put up a visual graph to show growth or success so employees don’t have to read, they simply walk in and see straight away how well the business is doing. This will make them feel like they are part of something truly special and that you are all working together to achieve greatness.

Fun pictures: You might get a few eyeball rolls if you start hanging up motivational quotes everywhere but putting up fun pictures with bright colours can enhance ones mood. The best colours for happiness are green and yellow, so get hanging and get those staff happy!