How to make your marketing campaign "pop!"

The right content

Reaching out to your customers is the most important part of marketing. Making sure that every message and promotion contains important and relevant information decreases the chance of your customers opting out. The content of your marketing messages should fit your customers’ demographic, buying habits, and time of the year. With distinct messages, you will be able to attract your customers and influence them to try new products or services. Use your creativity to really stand out. Add images, emojis, or pictures of the products/services on offer! The more memorable the better. Canva is a great free tool to use to create images relevant to your brand, just use one of their pre-made promotional templates and go.

The right time 

Sending promotions at the right time can tremendously impact its success. Identify the slow periods of your store and use promotions to attract more customer purchases. There is no general rule which time works best as this depends on the products and services you offer. Use your point-of-sale as your power tool, identifying slower times or when customers tend to spend less. This is a great time to utilize marketing campaigns or run regular double-point days with your loyalty program. 

 The right channel 

There are various different channels you can use to send marketing messages. Email, SMS or Push notifications are amongst the most popular. Giving your customers the choice on how they want to be contacted increases the response rate. SMS marketing is around 14% more effective than email marketing alone. 85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email and more than 90% of all text messages are read within minutes. Using strong communication channels will make sure your marketing efforts aren’t lost and your return on investment is high.

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