Reward and re-engage with your customers

Drive customers back in-store with digital rewards and powerful promotional campaigns

Research shows that members of a loyalty points program spend up to 2x more per visit compared to a non member.

Raising customer retention by 5% will boost your profits by up to


The amount of customers that choose a store with loyalty program over another is


Loyalzoo increases customer retention by up to


As simple as 1, 2, 3

register your customers



(quick-service restaurant)

4 years on from starting their loyalty program with Loyalzoo, Gochisou are still achieving incredible results.
They have increased their repeat clientele by 27% and increased their average customer spend by 45%!

Real results!

Track the success of your loyalty program and measure your customer’s spending habits. 

You’ll find important loyalty stats in your weekly results email and Loyalzoo dashboard.

Loyalzoo Results Dashboard
Make a memorable impression

Make a memorable impression

Put your brand inside your customers’ pockets with your very own digital loyalty card. Your brand is brought to life in SMS notifications, in-app and at customer check-in screens.

In-store and online rewards

Make your customers feel extra special by automatically awarding loyalty points to customers who purchase online. 

Multi-location support

Customers will be happy to know they can accumulate points and redeem rewards at all of your locations, just like any big brand or franchise.


The Loyalzoo software works seamlessly on any device including computer, tablet or smartphone BUT it works even better with our integrated POS solutions.

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"We started using Loyalzoo and had our first 50 loyalty members the same day!"

Our customers love not being asked to carry yet another plastic card and they enjoy Handsfree Marketing promotions. Wonderful follow up to check in on us from the team at Loyalzoo and a perfect launch. 

This is the best Loyalty solution out there!

Sean Bossie
General Manager, Blue Hills Natural Market

It’s easy to get started

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