4 years on from starting their loyalty program with Loyalzoo, Gochisou are still achieving incredible results. They have increased their repeat clientele by 27% and increased their average customer spend by 45%.

Grove Park Deli’s loyalty program provides stability and predictability from their customers. 4 years on from starting Loyalzoo, Grove Park Deli have an active loyal customer base of almost 400 shoppers who shop frequently at their store and averaging a purchase of 2 items each visit. 

T-Swirl Crepe uses Loyalzoo in all 20 of their locations. The Japanese Crepe draws from a western concept with a modernized twist, so versatile that you can eat it on the go. Achieving incredible results, all locations have a total of 65,000 loyalty members! They have increased their average customer spend by 13.6%.

With a tiered reward system with various offerings, Tony Roma’s makes sure to cater to a wide range of customers. They increased average spend of 11.2%, as well as using the Loyalzoo software with their Clover POS for a fast-paced loyalty solution. 

Surrounded by competition such as smaller fast-food shops and big franchises, BoSa Donuts use Handsfree Marketing messages with automated promotions delighting new, VIP and Slipping away customers. Their average customer spend has increased by 19.8% and is rising consistently.

Leveraging the Loyalzoo software, Carmela Coffee nurtures brand new customers with the Handsfree Marketing tool of Loyalzoo. They have increased their average customer spend by 36% and weekly repeat purchases by 117%

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