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Company background:

The story of T-swirl Crepe starts thousands of miles away on the shores of Japan. The Japanese Crepe draws from a western concept with a modernized twist, so versatile that you can eat it on the go.

T-swirl may be known for its artistic creation and delicious cuisine, but our core philosophy is built upon phenomenal customer service, quality, consistency, cleanliness and convenience. It is not just a place to search for a quick meal, but a place of discovery for your soul. Come to one of our locations and embark on a memorable journey of the senses!

Business challenges:

  • A new food concept that requires promotion and building exposure
  • Introducing catering to complement their fast-food takeaway service
  • A franchise that needs to maintain consistency across all locations


  • Cross-selling between multi-location sites
  • Increasing new catering sales as well as day-to-day takeaway

Leveraging the Loyalzoo software:

T-Swirl Crepe uses Loyalzoo in all 20 of their locations.

They consistently use Loyalzoo blast marketing promotions to advertize new crepe creations, specials and catering services to increase sales.

T-swirl crepe locations utilize the Handsfree Marketing feature of Loyalzoo to nurture all buying categories including VIP, new and “slipping away” customers. Sending post-purchase offers to drive customers back in-store.

Real results:

4 years on from starting their loyalty program with Loyalzoo, T-swirl Crepe are still achieving incredible results with a total of 65,000 loyalty members. They have increased their average customer spend by 13.6%

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