Memberships and recurring payments for independent retailers and restaurants

With Loyalzoo, starting a subscription program for your customers will take just 3 minutes

Subscription-based loyalty programs

Any type of business, whether a café, a beauty salon, a car wash or a yoga studio, benefit tremendously from a ‘prime-style’ loyalty program, where customers pay a subscription to enjoy special benefits. This type of programs ensure your business has regular recurring revenues and that your customers will always use you.

Charge customers a weekly or monthly fee to offer them exclusive benefits. Let our system take care of securely storing their payment card details and charge the customers automatically, while you focus on delivering your best service!

If you are looking to run a more traditional points-based loyalty program, with loyalty points and rewards, please click here

Prime Loyalty – How it works

Designed to make it possible for any bricks & mortar store to run paid memberships programs, that keep customers loyal and generate annuity revenue for your business

Get them to subscribe, they will be your most loyal customers

Customer that pay to be part of a loyalty or membership program are the most loyal of all. Imagine paying a monthly fee to get free wine at your favourite restaurant, or unlimited hair cuts at your hair salon, or unlimited car washes at your local car wash. These programs produce predictable recurring revenues for the business, and customers who won’t look anywhere else.

Subscriptions at busy cafes

A payment card is all they need to sign up to your program

To get customers on your paid-for loyalty program, get their payment card and type its details in our software – or send them a text and ask them to do it on their phone. Once you have their card on file, you can start their membership. Our software will take care of the automatic recurring charges, and notify you of any issues.

Easily keep track of benefits usage

If you wish to keep track of how many times customers use the benefits that come with their subscription, you can setup counters, that reset automatically with each billing cycle. You can also set a max number, so you and your staff will know when customers have reached their maximum usage.

Card declines management

Save time with automatic handling of card declines!

When card declines due to expiry or other reasons, our system automatically retries, keeping you updated along the way, and asking the customer to update their card if necessary. And if everything fails, it automatically terminates the membership and notifies you accordingly.

Easily send promo messages to your members!

Keep the members of your subscription program engaged with promotional messages, up to twice per month. Messages are sent by SMS or email depending on the information we have on record for them.

Loyalzoo promo message on iphone
loyalty program analytics

Supports multiple locations

If you have multiple stores, let your customers use their membership across the entire chain, regardless of where they signed up.

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The in-store software

merchant app on worldpay-smartpay terminal

The Loyalzoo software runs on most EPOS systems, as well as any other device you have in-store, such as computers, tablets and even smartphones. It allows you to sign up new members, update their payment card details, set recurring payments, and even trigger one-time payments on their card on file!

The Admin dashboard

Loyalzoo online reports

A secure admin area gives business owners access to reports and trends, just as the big brands. From here you can also configure your subscription plans, counters, send promo messages, or perform refunds!

A loyalty system used by thousands of businesses like you

For about the first year of our wine clubs I meticulously keyed in each payment information of the approximately 60 members on the first day of each month, paying close attention to who was in which club, and what perks they received. I also kept meticulous spreadsheets of who had or had not received their wine and/or used their perks. It was, to put it mildly, the worst.
Then we found Loyalzoo and the grey skies lifted to sunny days. Not only did they help us automate payments, they have options to track fulfillment as well as rewards. Three nightmarish headaches solved in one fell swoop. Plus, their customer service is top notch. I’ve never waited more than a few minutes to hear back about any issue I’ve had. They are even kind when the issues are of my own making! Imagine that!

Pricing and Signup

Start your subscription program today

We constantly add new payment services, we support:

  • Stripe
  • Adyen
  • Authorize.NET
  • Braintree
  • Paypal Business
  • Paypal Business Pro
  • Paypal PayFlow Pro
  • Sage Pay
  • USAePay
  • WorldPay
  • CardConnect
  • JudoPay
  • GoCardless
  • Moneris
  • PaySafe
  • QuickBooks Payments
  • Square
  • Transbank

Please note that not all gateways are available in all countries, and in some countries we do not offer any payment service.

If you do not have an account with any of the above, we will offer you the ability to create an account with Stripe, if available in your country.

We charge no setup fees, and our monthly price includes everything. UK VAT (value added tax) is charged on top of our prices only for UK customers.


The Loyalzoo merchant app (the interface you use to register members, check their profile, setup recurring or one-time charges), runs on most touchscreen tills/EPOS terminals, laptop/desktop computers, and on any Apple or Android device (tablet or phone).

You will also need a stable internet connection. We recommend using broadband/WiFi, although a stable 3G connection will work too.

It depends on your business. For example, a restaurant can run a wine club with a monthly subscription, a hair salon can offer unlimited hair cuts for a fixed monthly fee, a retailer can offer free delivery for a monthly or annual fee, a cafeteria could offer 50% off every time for a weekly subscription, and a car wash can offer unlimited washes for a monthly fee.

Any business can offer some sort of subscription service!

Yes. Just send us a spreadsheet or CSV file with customer details, and we’ll import the data for you. To transfer payment card details, the process is a bit more complex as it needs to follow a PCI-compliant process. Please get in touch for details.

As soon as you have completed the signup form, and setup your payment gateway in the admin dashboard, you will be good to go. You will be able to register members, store payment cards and trigger automated or manual charges immediately.

Your customers list belongs to you, you can always download it, and you have access to it via your admin area until you have an active merchant account with Loyalzoo.

Customer details, such as their name, photo and contacts, are also yours to use, but are shared with other merchants who transact with the same customer. However the transactional data between you and your customers are yours only.

No data is fed into other third party systems without your consent.