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10 %

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Company background:

Tony Romas serves high-quality comfort food with a twist and some fantastic desserts to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Business challenges:

  • Close proximity to a shopping center with plenty of food vendors
  • Delivering high quality experience in a fast-paced environment


  • Increase customer spend
  • Customer retention

Leveraging the Loyalzoo software:

All Handsfree Marketing tools are used by Tony Romas to make sure their customers keep coming back. Their most favored feature is VIP promotions which thanks their most loyal and high spending customers!

With a tiered reward system with various offerings, Tony Roma’s makes sure to cater to a wide range of customers.

Real results:

Tony Romas has been with Loyalzoo for 5 years and has achieved fantastic results. With 1982 loyal customers and an increased average spend of 11.2%, as well as using the Loyalzoo software with their Clover POS for a fast-paced loyalty solution.

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