How to build loyalty that lasts

What is customer loyalty and why is it so important?

There are obvious reasons why customer loyalty is so important. Selling to existing customers is much easier than acquiring a new customer. However it is important to understand how valuable repeat customers truly are and how to build loyalty that lasts.

There are significant benefits of having a frictionless loyalty program to make sure your customer base is growing and your hard work pays off.


Communicating and engaging with your customers might be one of the most important aspects of how to build loyalty that lasts. We’d love to think customers are thinking about our business; in real life this is rarely the case. Engaged customers are reminded of your business post-purchase and keep you fresh in their minds.

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Tiered rewards

It is important to understand your customers and cater to their needs. Having a loyalty program with only one seemingly unreachable reward is not going to make your customers stick to your business. Tiered rewards cater to different spending habits, helping to reward little purchases as well as big ones.

VIP Perks

Rewarding your high-spending customers and recognizing their loyalty is of utmost importance to make sure they keep coming back. Sending special promotions to different customer segments will target those customers and make them feel extra special.

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Human connection

Technology is a great helper and used successfully it can help your business grow. However it should not replace human connection. It goes without saying that great customer service and loyalty starts in-store.

Loyalty that fits

There are several different types of loyalty programs, each with their own unique features and benefits. Repeat services with customers coming back at regular intervals might benefit from a subscription based program while a retailer selling a variety of items would benefit from a points-based loyalty program. The choice is yours.

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