How to re-energize your business post pandemic

Explore new opportunities

What worked a year ago might not work now. Online shopping and lockdowns have changed the way we shop, eat and entertain. Now is the time to explore new ways of doing things. Kerbside pickups and online ordering skyrocketed in the past year. To stay ahead of competitors, make sure you stay on top of trends and opportunities. Following online channels will give you a better insight of what customers are after. Facebook and Pinterest might have worked well a few years back, but apps like Instagram and Tik Tok have replaced them. Make sure you find what fits for your business and move forward with technology.

Focus on your customers

What counts most is the connection you build with your customers. This is especially the case after a year of anonymous online ordering. People still crave the personal touch of great customer service, despite everything that’s happened. Take the chance to WOW your customers by knowing their name, favorite order or simply by going the extra mile to make sure all your customers wishes are fulfilled. A smart loyalty integration can help capture those important details for their next visit, making your customers feel cared for and special.

Exclusive offers for loyal customers

Creating a steady stream of income is the dream of merchants. A subscription-based loyalty program, where the customer pays a recurring monthly charge, is a great way of making that happen. Apps like Starbuck where you can offer customers to pay credit in exchange for special discounts, VIP memberships or early access for club members is another way of getting that extra boost of revenue. After a year of lockdown, customers are hungry for VIP treatment and if the offer is right, willing to pay upfront for it.

Reward your customers  

The past year has changed customer behaviour and tested both loyalty and brand commitment. At one end, online shopping has taken a giant step forward, at the other, the shop local trend has received an unexpected boost. This is the time to build on those changes. Retaining newly-acquired customers is never easy but loyalty programs can help getting those customers back in store. Rewarding your customers shows that you care and that you appreciate their business. Whether they stuck with your business through the tough times or they are new customers, rewards will keep them coming back. Promotions and intelligent automated marketing will keep your brand top-of-mind and entice them back as cities and shopping malls reopen. Pay particular attention to automated messages for new customers: give them the right incentive to visit a second time, and chances are, they will stay with you for good!

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