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(London – 21. January 2015) The Loyalzoo loyalty app is expanding its reach, launching a new patent-pending feature called kiwis, making it the world’s first affordable omni-channel loyalty app. Kiwis are loyalty points given in the form of a short weblink, and can be shared any way the business chooses – sent via e-mail, text message, on social media, scribbled on paper or even printed on labels or packaging. Once customers click on or type the web-link into a web browser they will immediately receive their loyalty points, and even see them directly in the Loyalzoo app if using a smartphone.

Every business can choose how a customer receives loyalty points. They can also be given to people who are not yet customers of the business, making Loyalzoo a vital marketing tool as well as a customer loyalty program. Giving loyalty points to unknown or unregistered individuals makes Loyalzoo the first loyalty solution of its kind.

“Loyalzoo kiwis was created to meet the huge demand for loyalty apps from non bricks&mortar businesses, such as online retailers, mobile businesses or delivery services”, says Massimo Sirolla, CEO of Loyalzoo. “More and more businesses today sell over a multitude of channels, offline, online, mobile, etc. And we wanted to offer them an easy and affordable solution that works across a variety of channels – whichever the merchant uses. It also works even if the customer does not have a smartphone”.

Kiwis has been piloting since December. Bruce Allinson, owner of Allinson’s Photography was one of the first to start using it. “I have been piloting kiwis in my photography business since December, and I’m truly impressed. I offer points to new customers as an incentive to join in, and also for buying any of my services. They can trade their points for a discount. It has proven popular with my clients – and I love the flexibility of the system, allowing me to share points however I want!”

Based in West London, Loyalzoo launched its loyalty app for bricks and mortar businesses in late 2013, and has seen immediate interest and worldwide uptake of kiwis even before commercial launch.

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