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Here at Loyalzoo we have just released a new feature to our loyalty app that we call kiwis, letting everyone in on the fun. It’s a true breakthrough in loyalty apps – we’re super excited! Here are 10 reasons why you should be, too;

1. Loyalzoo kiwis are unlike anything else

You won’t find anything like them. Our kiwis are patent pending.

2. They are refreshing in form and function

Kiwis takes a well known concept and gives it new life in a new form.

3. They appeal to everyone

Anyone, anywhere, can use kiwis. The edge of the kiwi is the limit – and kiwis have no edges.

4. They provide a great boost

For a quick burst of joy and increased feeling of loyalty, kiwis are great. People love them!

5. They are easy to grow

And they come in several varieties, depending on what you feel like – single or multi-use.

6. They are even easier to pick

No hassle, no lengthy procedures for your customers. Just a single action and the kiwi is redeemed.

7. They are rewarding to collect

The more kiwis, the more fun and rewards. They can even be shared with your friends!

8. They keep well

Loyalzoo kiwis stay fresh and ready to use for as long as you need them to.

9. They share well

There’s no mess, no unfairness. Kiwis can be shared any way you like – even on social media.

10. They make people happy

Give out kiwis to make your customers smile. As many as you want or as many as they deserve.

1 thing you didn’t know:

Loyalzoo Kiwis are loyalty points shared to customers any way you want. Via email, snail mail, text messages, business cards or with our mobile app.

Interested in using kiwis for your business? 

Find out more here or read our press release.

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