Loyalzoo fundraising 2016

From Loyalzoo’s launch in 2013 to fundraisin...

When we started Loyalzoo back in 2013, our guiding light was loyalty for SME’s as a panacea. We knew we had created something disruptive and game changing; a loyalty offering aimed at independent merchants which would at the same time

Cloud connected loyalty app

10 Reasons Why Kiwis Are Awesome + 1 Thing You Did...

Here at Loyalzoo we have just released a new feature to our loyalty app that we call kiwis, letting everyone in on the fun. It’s a true breakthrough in loyalty apps – we’re super excited! Here are 10 reasons why you

friends having lunch

Stop Spending on Marketing – Do This First

If you work with marketing or a have an interest in business you might have heard about the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule as it’s also known as. The Pareto Principle refers to the theories and methods by Italian economist and


Plug the Hole in Your Bucket – One Simple Ta...

Anyone alive in the 90s remembers the famous tagline ‘connecting people’. True then – truer now; we are more mobile and more connected than ever before – spending more time socialising online and via our phones than we do in

Shop owner taking notes

Why Your Job is Customer Service, Not Sales

Anyone working in sales, remotely or on the shop floor, deals with customers – it’s their job to sell and to assist the customer when he or she is looking to buy something. In shops people are hired as sales

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