Customer selected Loyalzoo on POS

Frictionless experience for customers and staff

Customer selected Loyalzoo on POS

– Loyalzoo today announced the commercial release of its new POS integration following a successful pilot scheme at the London School of Economics. The company’s new offering means that merchants can capture data in real time from Windows-based service tills and can use this to award loyalty points. They are able to run their own mobile-based loyalty program with zero impact on till operations.

The innovative solution works on every Windows-based till system, and takes minutes to set up.  It does not interfere with or require changes to current systems.

Massimo Sirolla, Founder and Chief Executive of Loyalzoo, explained that “Unlike other loyalty apps, which often rely on code-scanning, beacons or geo-fencing technology, the Loyalzoo app is minimally intrusive for both customer and staff – providing a frictionless experience for both parties.”

The integration has been piloting at the London School of Economics, where it is in use at two cafés run by the students’ union. “The POS-integration has been a great success here” said Nick Minshull, Operations Manager for the Students’ Union at LSE.  We have had fantastic support from the Loyalzoo team. We run an app-based loyalty scheme that students love and now we even get to capture all purchase data. It’s all incredibly simple for everyone.”

Loyalzoo’s new POS-integration provides big tech and data to smaller retailers in a way that has previously only been accessible for the bigger brands. The easy to use, affordable package means that smaller retailers can use advanced technology to connect with customers and compete with the big chains.

Following the successful launch of its loyalty app for independent businesses in late 2013, and its growing popularity, Loyalzoo sees POS-integration as a natural step, providing retailers with more data and further streamlining till operations.

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About Loyalzoo

Based in West London, Loyalzoo is the UK’s largest loyalty app for independent retailers and businesses.  It replaces traditional loyalty cards and provides the tools currently only available to big brands and chains,
such as customer analytics, push promotions and social marketing.

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