Loyalzoo – who the heck is Loyalzoo?…well you would like to know wouldn’t you?

For a start, we’re a London-based business with a global footprint. We support independent retailers and small chains and eateries and all those places which are the basis of your local community. Loyalty is our business. Keeping high streets and communities thriving and buzzing is the brilliant outcome of our digital platform.  


We’re definitely the most unique digital loyalty solution in the UK and our ambition is to be the number one choice for SMBs. This week we’re throwing open our doors and holding an investor meet & greet where we’ll be serving Loyalzoo cocktails and treats for our guests. Would you like to come along? You can sign up for the event here on Eventbrite.

You’ll be able to get to know the team behind the brand; Massimo Sirolla the Co-founder & CEO of Loyalzoo, who knows  his retail and loyalty business will be on hand along with Mark Ryan – Co-founder & non-executive director, Rhiannon Barnes – Growth & engagement manager, Andrew Campbell – Chief Technology Officer, and Iain Watt – Full stack developer. So if you’re interested in finding out about our typical customer, how we came to be or our plans for the future – someone will definitely be able to fill you in.

We also have major plans for the business which is why we’re raising a big £500,000 investment at the moment. A large part of this is through our third crowdfunding campaign which is now live on Seedrs and has started off with a bang. For more information, head to

If you’re an existing, new or potential investor, come along and meet the team to hear our story and our plans. We look forward to welcoming you.

Are you finding your loyalty program is lacking some pizazz? Are your customers signing up but only out of necessity, rather than excitement? Let’s explore how you can appeal to your customers with simple SMS based loyalty.

The loyalty industry is always changing but the main concept to keep in mind, is always focus on the wants and needs of your customer. Think to yourself, what makes you excited about a loyalty program? Do you love carrying cards around with you? Do you love filling in your details at a website, to sign up to a loyalty program? Probably not…so let’s jump in and see what SMS loyalty is all about.

Generation instant

SMS based loyalty programA recent report by 3C revealed that Americans check their smartphones 8 billion times a day! So it is not a surprise that consumers are forcing this shift towards SMS, to connect with a store and its brand. An SMS based loyalty program means that customers are engaged with their points and rewards through txt message and also sent promotions through this channel. We are becoming a world of instant messaging, so you can imagine that receiving instant updates about how quickly you are eligible for rewards, can be very exciting! 
Interestingly The Disconnect 2016 report stated that 52% of consumers polled said mobile loyalty rewards & benefits motivated them to purchase more often. Now that’s some big stats.  

Email vs. SMS based loyalty

Remember the days of loyalty programs where you handed over your email address and you were sent a SMS based loyalty programmillion marketing emails. But you signed up to a loyalty program not marketing emails. Have you ever taken action on these marketing emails? This is maybe a good question to ask not only yourself but also your customers. It’s great to think that all of your customers are reading every email you send them but in reality they just want to be part of a loyalty program where they actually get rewarded.  The numbers tell it all with almost 60% of consumers making more monthly visits/purchases because of a mobile enabled loyalty program. Remember it’s all about what the customer wants. Communicate with them in a way that they will respond – 48% of consumers prefer communications via SMS and text. Is it time for you to switch yet?

Digital vs. plastic

The benefits of running a digital loyalty program far outweighs the benefits of using paper or plastic cards. Mainly because gaining loyal customers is not the sole focus. Digital allows you to track increased customer spend, engaging customers using SMS promotions and separating a business from their competitors. Not only that but using a digital loyalty tool is so easy! A good digital loyalty solution allows staff members to sign customers up in seconds. This means customers are more inclined to take part of the program because they don’t have the chance of losing a paper card or having to register a plastic one.

Keeping up with technology

SMS based loyalty programTechnology is advancing and small to medium sized businesses are finding it hard to keep up due to a lack in resources. In fact, 65% of brand marketers say they either lack the IT resources for mobile loyalty integrations or admit they lack the knowledge on how to launch a mobile loyalty program (3C, 2016). So maybe it’s time for you to look at how an SMS based loyalty program can help your business. Click here to see how it works.


Stopping your customers from leaking to your competitors

We’ve all had it happen to us, your business is going well with a steady flow of customers and then boom! A store opens up down the road who offers the same product or service as you but with way cheaper prices. It’s unfair isn’t it? You work so hard, and we all know that your business and staff are much better, but those pesky customers have been swayed by lower prices.  If you’re lucky your customers will have a bad experience with your competitor and come running back to you, but you’re taking a big risk.  What if they don’t come back to you, then what?  What if there was a way to stop them from ever leaving you? 

This is where the magic comes in.  Consumer psychology can sometimes be a mystery to us. Ok sure, we all know that consumers are swayed a lot of the time by cheaper prices, but what if it was much more than that.  Customers are actually heavily focused on the whole package, not just the price. Did you know 44.3% of consumers in the UK admitted that if a retailer annoyed them, they would not hesitate in using another retailer (Webloyalty, 2016).  That’s a pretty big stat! What if a staff member accidentally serves your customer the wrong coffee? Poof! and your customer could be gone down off the road, never to return.  Let’s think about it though, is that really the customer you want as a business owner? Business owners want customers that love them and vice versa. But how do you make a customer feel loved, this is the age old question. Sure you can go out of your way to remember every customer’s name and their favourite product but that’s a lot of effort (and a very good memory).  What about rewarding them for being a regular?

Customer’s come to see you sometimes every day if you’re lucky enough but what do they get in return?  The same latte in the same cup, served by the same person with the same smile. 55.4% of consumers in the UK admitted that they often get bored of using the same stores and brands (Webloyalty, 2016). Well what if once in awhile the customer gets a free muffin with their coffee, or a 10% discount on their next purchase, that might make a difference.  Loyalty cards have been around for a long time, to make this possible and to make customers feel loved. Are cards the right solution though? They always end up getting lost somehow and then the customer just ends up accumulating a stack of cards that eventually ends up in the bin because they don’t fit in the customer’s wallet. Guess what, loyalty programs are now on the rise in a digital format. “Yippee!!” I hear you say, those faithful customers are now going to love you even more. Squash those competitors and start benefitting from moving to digital. You’ll wish you had changed sooner.

It’s all very well recognising your regulars and always having their ‘usual’ ready when they enter but we’re about to fill you in with some important tips on how to give your customers even more back!

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regulars vs customers

regulars vs customers