Looking back on Loyalzoo...

8 years ago, two friends decided to change the way of customer loyalty for small independent businesses. The world became more digital than ever, big retailers inventing their own loyalty apps for customers while small merchants were stuck using traditional plastic and paper cards. We decided to bring convenience and simplicity in the form of a loyalty solution to smaller businesses. Why should only big retailers benefit from the digital revolution to get bigger and bigger whilst the small guy gets left behind? 

This is the reason we invented Loyalzoo, a loyalty solution for small to medium sized businesses. A smart and elegant solution for independent retailers, we are no longer just a loyalty solution, we are now so much more. 

Evolution of loyalty programs

We started off with adapting a physical stamp card system and converted this into a digital solution. Whilst stamp cards are a great way to give back to your customers, is it really the optimal solution for customer retention and loyalty? Driving extra customer spend for small businesses was our aim and transitioning from a stamp-based loyalty system, into now what is a points-based loyalty program, brought those kinds of results. Stamp cards limit customers in what they are loyal to, usually only one product or service, the classic example of a coffee stamp card.  Stamp cards don’t open up the opportunity for cross-selling like a points-based loyalty program, where customers are rewarded on any item or product. This tactic makes the customer loyal to the whole business and not just one item, bringing optimal results for SMBs.  


Changing our stamp card system to points has been just the tip of the iceberg in terms of innovation over the past years. Loyalzoo has also created a memberships & recurring payments software to satisfy the growing popularity of subscription-based loyalty programs. Big chains such as Pret A Manger in the UK and Panera Bread in the US make an example of how a simple coffee subscription can change your business, driving customer retention and cross-selling. With a few simple clicks you are able to sign customers up and generate a guaranteed recurring revenue from your loyal subscribers. We are thought-leaders when it comes to small business software, simplifying digital trends specifically for SMBs who mostly lack the time to implement new solutions. 

More than just a loyalty solution 

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is limited time, particularly when it comes to marketing efforts. That’s how our Handsfree Marketing feature was born. A “set and forget” marketing tool that automates promotional messages after categorising customers and their spending habits in your business.  Once it is set up it will run on its own, sending relevant promotions to your New, VIP and “slipping away” customers without you ever having to wonder if they’re coming back. Our marketing features are what differentiates us from our competitors. We are not only offering loyalty software but also a solution to the pain point of marketing, ensuring you maintain that personal connection with customers once they’ve left your store. 

Loyalzoo is a small team with a focus on serving our merchants and making the small business world a little easier. We are a small team with big visions and countless ideas and have managed to survive in a world of unpredictable events. 2021 has only just begun and we are already have exciting announcements in store.


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