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Clover Register Plan and Smart Pay (Gold and Silver)


Run your digital loyalty program from a tablet, computer or smartphone


Clover Payments Plus Plan and Smart Pay (Bronze)

Epos Now

How to set-up Loyalzoo and add Digital Loyalty to your Epos Now till

Extra features

Master the dashboard and find out how to set double points and marketing messages

Handsfree Marketing

“Set and forget” marketing sends automated messages to your VIP, new and lost customers

Memberships and Recurring Payments

Drive your recurring revenues with this Clover only product. Run your very own “Prime-style” loyalty program.

What is a “Prime-style” loyalty program?

Treat your paying members to special VIP benefits and rewards

Memberships & Recurring Payments software

Learn just how easy it is to start using your memberships software from Clover

A guide to the Memberships dashboard

Master the dashboard and learn how to maximize your paid memberships program