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Since the 1990s, technology has come a heck of a long way, and with the advent of social media, apps and smart phones, our daily routines have changed just as drastically as technology has.

For the sake of seeing how far we’ve come since the days of the Spice Girls and rollerblades, we’re taking you for a stroll down memory lane by comparing an average day in the 90s to our mobile-technology-packed average days of 2014.

1. How we get connected

The 90s: I’m sure you can remember that dial tone as you sat in front of your PC waiting for your dial-up internet connection. Then just as you’re connected… someone picks up the phone and you’ve got to do it all over again.

Today: We’re literally connected to the internet at every single second of the day, everywhere we go. Our smart phones keep us online no matter where we are, so that friends, work and our favourite tech-savvy businesses can reach us 24/7 to keep us up-to-date at all times.

2. How we advertise

The 90s: Advertising was done through press, radio and TV. Simple.

Today: Now, we’ve got online and interactive digital marketing with social media advertising, pop-ups, adware, email blasts, blogging, SEO… the list goes on and on. This has forced businesses to come up with much more innovative and effective marketing tactics, like creating viral videos and using loyalty apps.

3. How we get rewarded for loyalty

The 90s: Your wallet was positively bursting with stamp cards, punch cards and plastic loyalty cards – all just so you could get rewarded for being a loyal customer. You also never knew whether your favourite small independent shops had a special loyalty offer unless you actually went into the shop.

Today: Yup, we’ve got an app for that. Our, for example, allows you to see what all your local shops have on offer, or what special rewards deals they’ve got on – all from one handy app on your smart phone. All those loyalty cards are a thing of the past now, thank goodness.

From pagers, floppy discs and the Backstreet Boys to iPhones, loyalty apps and One Direction, there’s no denying that things have definitely changed for the better since the 90s, at least in the world of technology (but we’re not sure about One Direction).

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