The latest report from the Office of National Statistics shows crime rates at their lowest level in 23 years, with homicides down to figures not seen since 1984. This is a striking development which has received far less coverage than it deserves. Crime is like inflation – we’re always inclined to think it’s getting worse, whatever the figures say. To me, they look right. London at least feels a far less violent place than it was 20 years ago. This is a development which bodes well for the future of our neighbourhoods. Read more

What is loyalty anyway? The word loyal entered the English language in the 16th century. It originally meant faithfulness or allegiance to the monarch. Like most words its meaning has gradually inflated to cover any sort of preferential attachment to a person or thing. Our ancestors would have been surprised to discover that we would use the word in connection with a shop or business. But that’s where we are. Read more

LoyalZoo has been designed specifically for the small local businesses and shops that make our neighbourhoods so charming. For this reason, the focus in designing the Loyalzoo app has been on simplicity and beauty.

Simplicity is not easy to achieve. Actually, it is very complex. For us, simplicity means:

  • Intuitive operation, no tutorial required
  • No QR Code scanning or other fiddly mechanisms
  • No personal data required, Facebook sign-in is optional
  • No hassle for the shopkeeper (single-tap operation to stamp customers)

The Loyalzoo app achieves all this, and adds a clean, beautiful design that makes for a great experience for both customers and shopkeepers.

If you are a local shop, give it a try. We offer a 30-day trial period. Just another way of being “simple”.