regular customer at hairdresser

What Marketeers Won’t Tell You

The job of a marketeer is to promote a business and to make sure as many people as possible know about it. This usually comes at a high cost – expensive ad campaigns, flashy billboards, posters, online advertising and so on. Getting

Business owner working out the numbers

6 Things To Consider Before Your Groupon Deal

Groupon is tempting to many because of the potential of bringing in thousands of new customers. Instead of jumping into it, hoping for the best, here are 6 things to ask yourself before you go ahead to help you prepare for

discount services can be risky for small businesses

Stop Chasing The Bargain Hunters – Read This...

The market is saturated with offers and discounts – and consumers are often counting their pennies and scrutinising the various offers before choosing where to spend their money. What it comes down to is where they can get the best

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