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How To Gain a Customer – The Friction Game

Customer behaviour is changing – as customers and as consumers we are developing rapidly. The way we choose where to spend our money is changing, and this means our requirements to retailers are changing, too. It is no longer enough

Boxing Day shopping

How to Spend Boxing Day

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas day, got its name from the tradition of giving servants and tradespeople gifts on this day – known as a Christmas box – from their boss or their employer. The day is observed as

Black Friday crowded shops

Black Friday – Huge Offers, Bigger Crowds

Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday on November, and has in the last decade become the biggest shopping event of the year. Major retailers are eager to kick of the holiday shopping season which means

Christmas shoppers

Pre-Holiday Checklist for Busy Retailers

It’s that time of year again – typically the busiest time of year for anyone in retail. We’re still in November – but December isn’t far away and to make the final month of the year as smooth as possible for

How to make more money at Christmas

Last year British shoppers spent an astonishing £7.9bn online at Christmas, and online spending is likely to increase even further during the festive period this year. This means that spending is moving from the physical stores of our high streets

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