Everyone knows the usual stereotypes about city living: people are unfriendly, hostile and cold. This immediately conjures up the image of Londoners sitting on the tube, crammed together but no one saying a word or making any eye contact whatsoever. Some even argue that this type of isolation and anonymity is the beauty of living in a big city rather than a small town.

A city to be discovered

Well, at Loyalzoo, we have to disagree. We don’t see London as a place to lose yourself, but as a place to be discovered. All cities are filled with endless opportunities for exploration, and are built on their own urban communities—London is no different.

A growing community movement

Lots of other Londoners seem to agree with our point of view; for example, Talk To Me London is an organisation dedicated to encouraging London inhabitants to engage in conversation with each other. They use ‘Talk To Me’ badges, creative stunts, fun events and even public art to try to stimulate more interaction and friendliness among the people of London. In August, the organisation is even planning to distribute 300,000 of its badges in a bid to break down traditional communication barriers, reducing isolation and strengthening London’s communities.

Similarly, the Urban Playground Movement also strives to bring Londoners together by throwing free fun and playful public events like pillow fights at Trafalgar Square, zombie marches and flash mobs.

As the UK’s premium digital loyalty platform designed for local independent shops, the Loyalzoo app is also playing a part in building a heightened sense of community and encouraging people to discover and support local businesses.

Londoners want to interact

So far, Londoners have embraced the Loyalzoo challenge to get to know what their neighbourhoods have to offer, and the Urban Playground Movement’s events are hugely popular; even Talk To Me London’s bold approach is gaining momentum. We think this means that the allure of big-city anonymity is simply a myth. People do want to be part of communities and to form a connection with those around them—as the saying goes, no man is an island, after all.

If you’d like to become more engaged in your community, or if you just want to know more about the great local businesses in your neighbourhood, why not be proactive? Just downloading the Loyalzoo app could be your first step towards getting to know the people and businesses that are right on your doorstep.

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