Our Customers Have Spoken : The Urban Chocolatier

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and chocolates are definitely on the brain on February 14th! We had a chat with our customers, The Urban Chocolatier to see why they love using Loyalzoo to show their regulars some love

Funky startup office

How To Be a Tech-Startup

Here’s our unofficial (but pretty accurate) tongue-in-cheek guide on how to be a tech-startup (or at least, look the part!). Laidback dress code. No suits allowed! But glam-hipster is unspokenly encouraged – effortlessly stylish is the Shoreditch uniform, and Shoreditch is

ScandiKitchen Shopfront

ScandiKitchen – From Startup to Successful Busin...

Once upon a time, more specifically in 2006, two lost Scandis paced the corporate streets of London looking for the comforting foods from their long left behind native lands. ’Twas nowhere to be found, and so came the idea of

Independent shops on leafy high street

Nationality-Free Technology

There’s no denying that we truly live in a global village, with all of the world’s major cities thriving as cultural and ethnic melting pots. Every day in London, we can look around us and appreciate the rich, vibrant tapestry


Is London Really an Unfriendly City?

Everyone knows the usual stereotypes about city living: people are unfriendly, hostile and cold. This immediately conjures up the image of Londoners sitting on the tube, crammed together but no one saying a word or making any eye contact whatsoever.

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