Friendly local restaurant
  1. It’s, well, LOCAL! Beats driving/sitting on a train/on a bus and paying for it right?
  2. It’s friendly. Employees are likely to actually look at you.
  3. And probably even smile
  4. And start a chat!
  5. You’ll get to see the business owner. Probably. And in most cases, they are lovely, driven people who really care about you. Hello…..mrs/mr owner of multi-million-international-store…?
  6. The products won’t be the same as everywhere else. Chances are, they’re local too – and carefully selected by the owner.
  7. Employees will know what they’re selling.
  8. Because employees in a local business tend to be a lot more than just another number in the payroll system.
  9. By shopping local, you support your local economy and contribute to the buzz and life in your community
  10. Shopping local means you help create more opportunities for young people
  11. And most of what you spend, goes to the business itself. Not the obscure conglomerate of owners or stakeholders.
  12. You won’t have to elbow your way through tourists who all like to be in one place where the only shops are super chains that can be found nearly everywhere on the planet (hello, Oxford Street).
  13. You can take your time, and ask advice. And if you have some feedback, chances are the owner will actually take the time to listen to you.


Tell us about your favourite local shops in the comments!

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