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2014 represents a critical time for businesses to spice up their marketing strategies. The past few years have seen digital marketing blossom and thrive, but now business owners and marketers need to reassess the success of their marketing strategies and ask themselves if simply having an active online presence is still enough.

Now is the time for creativity, and this means thinking outside the box with innovative marketing techniques. You could assume that we are biased but signing your business up to a convenient loyalty app is one of the best things you can do. Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled a few of the top reasons that businesses need to start branching out with loyalty apps to engage with the target market more effectively.

   1. Frustrated users

The constant overload of unoriginal advertising content bombarding social media users is generating a growing sense of frustration. This often leads users to mark business’ content as spam, or to unlike or unfollow business profiles that are overactive and responsible for a glut of low-quality content. It is simply not good enough to interrupt people with naked sales pitches that do not educate them or entertain them. 

By having your deals and offers presented in a loyalty app, your target market is effectively coming to you for information rather than the other way round. This means they won’t be as likely to turn a blind eye to your content on social media sites.

   2. Higher costs

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm now requires businesses to pay to boost their content’s visibility. Similarly, Twitter is also moving towards paid ad options now that the company has gone public and is under massive pressure from investors to generate profits.

A loyalty app like Loyalzoo is specifically tailored to be budget-friendly for independent businesses and is an easy way of increasing your brand awareness and getting you new customers.

   3. The need to stand out

The primary purpose of advertising is to get your brand to stand out from the crowd. Since having social media profiles is now regarded as standard, marketers need to think outside the box.

The best way of doing this for retailers? You guessed it – loyalty apps, yet again. Fully customisable, unobtrusive and immensely appealing to users who want to get to know their local businesses, what better way to make your business engaging and welcoming?

With 21st Century advertising more competitive than ever, it’s time for businesses to re-strategise and take their marketing campaigns up a notch. For retailers, our top tip is let the big conglomerates squabble over who has the most followers and start getting creative with loyalty apps. And what better way to start than with a FREE trial from yours truly?

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