Social networks vs loyalty apps

We’re proud that the 2013 launch of Loyalzoo gave the UK its very first cloud-based loyalty app. We know that lots of independent businesses are wondering: why should I sign up?

Many business owners think that promoting their reward programmes or specials via social media is enough to build their customer base. However, in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, independent businesses always need to look ahead, and we’re certain loyalty apps are the way forward. In particular, every business you can think of is on social media and customers are already getting fed up with it. After all, its social media and not sales media! Its important to be different and to stand out.

So, to prove our point, we’ve put together some reasons why our loyalty app is better than social networks.

1. Connect directly with customers

Unlike social media, which only allows businesses to be one among many clamouring to get noticed, Loyalzoo sends your business’ notifications directly to your customer’s phone. This makes your promotion much more likely to get noticed.

2. Building community, not competition

Loyalty apps such as ours (which is designed specifically for independent businesses) encourage a sense of community and support among local businesses, because the more businesses sign up to the app, the more customers will sign up, and the more the app will grow as a marketing platform. This way, everybody wins: users can see more offers from more of their local shops, and businesses connect with more customers.

3. Stay ahead of the curve

Social media is now a marketing staple. However, Loyalzoo offers a fresh, innovative marketing tool that will place your business ahead of the pack. Then there’s modern society’s fascination with new technology, so customers will be genuinely excited about your shop’s loyalty programme. They will actually talk about it with their friends and colleagues: priceless word of mouth.

4. Affordability

With social media (particularly Facebook and Twitter) increasingly ramping up the budget needed for marketing, loyalty apps offer a more affordable and effective solution for small independent businesses. 

Still not sure? Sign up for a free trial today and you’ll soon find that a lot of those new faces coming through your door are thanks to having a nifty loyalty app rather than just another Facebook post.

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