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Digital is here to stay in most aspects of our lives and it does make things easier. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider making your loyalty program digital – and 2 points to consider before taking the plunge.

  • Customers have enough clutter in their wallets already. Another paper loyalty card is unlikely to be welcome – and even if they accept it they are frightfully easy to displace and forget about.
  • Every morning is a struggle trying to remember all the essential things you need in order to get through the door. Another piece of paper currently not in your wallet? Forget about it. However incredible your rewards are, chances that your paper or plastic loyalty card being amongst the early morning priorities are slim.
  • With paper loyalty cards, you have no way of communication with your customers. You give them a card, and off they go. They may never return again! With your loyalty card in an app, you have a direct method of communication with the customer. Send a push notification to your customers and invite them back!
  • Variety is key to keeping your customers engaged. With digital loyalty you can change your rewards as you go – depending on seasonality or stock levels.
  • A typical smartphone user looks at their phone approximately 1300 times per week. Wouldn’t it be great if your brand was visible there? It is free exposure which keeps your brand in your customers’ minds.
  • It is faster and easier than stamping a card – and with digital stamps there is no risk of fraud. If you make a mistake it can always be corrected and with full access to analytics you are always in control.
  • A digital loyalty card isn’t as expensive or complicated as you think. It works regardless of your store setup, and can run on your existing POS, tablet or even just a phone.
  • You get to learn your customers’ names and access to customer behaviour data – allowing you to see who your best customers are. This is great for making their experience more personal – key to improving their loyalty.
  • Digital undoubtedly has many advantages, but it requires some work to get off the ground. Getting customers to download an app will always be the key. Offer them an incentive to download it then and there is you can – a free hot drink, a cash discount or something else that is of value to the customer. As soon as they have downloaded the app, they’re yours.
  • Your customers may not be very comfortable with digital, perhaps they are old or belong to another tech-nervous demography. If they do, you can run your loyalty program digitally but without customers’ active involvement or just stick to old fashioned paper cards. As cool as staying on trend is, it is no good if your customers’ aren’t happy.

To find out more about Loyalzoo’s loyalty app click here. If you have any questions pop them in the comments or contact us.

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