It’s all very well recognising your regulars and always having their ‘usual’ ready when they enter but we’re about to fill you in with some important tips on how to give your customers even more back!


These days, your customers are constantly online and they’re ALWAYS on the go – so how can you keep your customers feeling loved and reach them in the most effective way possible?

The answer is….

Step 1. Get online – make sure you have social media accounts to help promote your brand or business

Step 2. Get in touch – follow and engage with other local businesses, customers, anyone who you would like to become a regular!


Step 3. Get creative – to make current and potential customers feel really loved, share beautiful imagery and interesting messages on your social media accounts, give them a behind the scenes feel, remind them about your offering, remind them of the service they’d receive if they came and visited you and last but by no means least – remind them of the deals you’re offering if they check in with their Loyalzoo App!

Step 4. Get chatting – keep the conversation going and keep your customers loyal!

Entrepreneur and customer at concession stand --- Image by © Aurora/Corbis
Entrepreneur and customer at concession stand — Image by © Aurora/Corbis

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