British food

It’s an unfortunate reality that British cuisine has been a bit of an international PR disaster. If you ask most people living outside the UK—and even many Brits as well—they’ll tell you British food is ‘boring’ or ‘bland’.

Well, at Loyalzoo, we have to disagree. Britain’s dishes may not pack the spicy punch of a Mexican burrito or have the artistic flare of a French pastry, but what’s wrong with keeping things simple, hearty and delicious?

We’ve got the best right here

In England, we boast rich, filling comfort foods like bangers and mash, Sunday roasts and the almighty full English breakfast—and what about those hot and heart-warming dishes like cottage or fish pie? Is there anything better on a cosy winter night than tucking into a Lancashire hotpot or beef wellington? Even our simplest everyday meals like a good old Ploughman’s lunch with a pork pie on the side will hit the spot every time.

Still think those sound a bit too ‘bland’ for your exotic tastes? The rest of the UK offers cuisine that’s definitely suited to more adventurous palates. In Scotland, you’ve got the infamous haggis, tasty cullen skink, traditional scotch pies and exquisite caramel shortbread. Welsh cuisine offers up delicious bara brith sweet bread, buck rarebit, and decadent Glamorgan sausage. Take a trip to Northern Ireland and you can sample the renowned Ulster fry, the crunchy golden Yellow Man treat, and pasties that will satisfy any appetite while sticking to a budget.

Why the negative image?

So why does British food get such a bad reputation when we’ve clearly got lots of inventive, mouth-watering traditional dishes to offer? Maybe it’s because of the lack of fancy wording or accents, or maybe it’s because we never appreciate the things that are home-grown as much as delicacies from abroad; either way, at Loyalzoo, we want to do our part to fly the flag for British cuisine.

This is why we’re all about encouraging users of our loyalty app to embrace local businesses and local delights. When you use Loyalzoo, you can get rewarded for going to your local coffee shop or gastropub, and you can even discover unknown independent shops in your area that might have special deals on offer.

Take the Loyalzoo challenge

So we’re putting the challenge out there: let Loyalzoo show you what great independent pubs or cafés you’ve got in your neighbourhood, and then go earn yourself some loyalty points or rewards by having one of your favourite British dishes, or maybe try a local dish you’ve never had before. We’re sure it’ll re-kindle your appreciation for everything the UK has to offer—while getting you some brilliant specials and rewards at the same time! Why not tweet us your pics of your favourite British foods?

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