The Great British Sandwich

We all know them, those oddly uniformly looking triangular pieces of bread with some indistinguishable filling and – if you’re lucky – a few green bits (1 of your 5 a day!). Every shop has them, ranging from the humble cheese and pickle to the more flamboyant chèvre, pear and walnut or the feistier ones with names reminiscent of 80s’ cowboy films. The quality varies hugely, but those that are mass-produced tend to be a dreary affair.

Thick slices of flavourless, sweaty cheese accompanied by pickles that manage to be both too sweet and too acidic has its, erm, charm – and so do the stringy, mayonnaise-laden chewy bits presented as chicken. The pre-packed bacon buttie is another chapter, yet the allure of bacon doesn’t seem to be hindered by the reality of what this process does to it. When cooked fresh, bacon is savoury, meaty and flowing with delicious juices. The bacon in a pre packed sandwich is limp, flavourless and reminiscent mostly of cardboard in texture. However appealing by name and description, our beloved lunch-time sandwiches are rarely something to write home about. Yet the chains selling them make millions. Read more

If there’s one thing you should know about the Loyalzoo team, it’s that we love coffee. We just can’t get enough — espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos and mochas — we love it all.

Our commitment to coffee

That’s what makes us so committed to the Loyalzoo mission; the Loyalzoo loyalty app allows you to discover new cafés and coffee shops in your area, and notifies you of special deals or loyalty rewards, like half-off coffees or a free cookie with your midday cup. Plus, Loyalzoo can even earn you points when you buy a coffee at your local café. Some may see it as a facilitator of coffee addiction, but we see it as just plain awesome.

This diehard love of coffee means we cannot wait until this year’s fourth annual London Coffee Festival on 3–6 April at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. This is a truly unmissable event for any coffee lover and anyone who’s part of London’s major coffee scene. Read more

It’s an unfortunate reality that British cuisine has been a bit of an international PR disaster. If you ask most people living outside the UK—and even many Brits as well—they’ll tell you British food is ‘boring’ or ‘bland’.

Well, at Loyalzoo, we have to disagree. Britain’s dishes may not pack the spicy punch of a Mexican burrito or have the artistic flare of a French pastry, but what’s wrong with keeping things simple, hearty and delicious? Read more

In case you didn’t realise it we are massive coffee drinkers here. We drink so much coffee that we must be responsible for at least 30% of Columbia’s GDP. We cant turn down a cup of coffee even if one more cup will give us the caffeine shakes. So imagine what suckers we are for coffee shops with reward schemes!

The other day we found ourselves walking down a high street where a clever store owner was using the amazing Loyalzoo loyalty app. Read more

The most striking feature of The Alberts Deli in Richmond is its art nouveau frontage.  I have seen few like it in this country and apparently it came originally from France via a shop in Kew. Looking at the deli from Sheen Road, the lattices are foreshortened giving the effect of a little bit of Central Europe in this very English streetscape. Worple Way itself joins the busy Sheen Road like a tributary into a river and the view towards the deli from Sheen Road with the Red Cow pub at the apex feels like it’s not changed much in a hundred years. Read more