London Coffee Festival 2013

If there’s one thing you should know about the Loyalzoo team, it’s that we love coffee. We just can’t get enough — espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos and mochas — we love it all.

Our commitment to coffee

That’s what makes us so committed to the Loyalzoo mission; the Loyalzoo loyalty app allows you to discover new cafés and coffee shops in your area, and notifies you of special deals or loyalty rewards, like half-off coffees or a free cookie with your midday cup. Plus, Loyalzoo can even earn you points when you buy a coffee at your local café. Some may see it as a facilitator of coffee addiction, but we see it as just plain awesome.

This diehard love of coffee means we cannot wait until this year’s fourth annual London Coffee Festival on 3–6 April at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. This is a truly unmissable event for any coffee lover and anyone who’s part of London’s major coffee scene.

A coffee-lover’s playground

So, what can you do at the London Coffee Festival other than sample countless varieties of the world’s best coffee? To start with, you can learn how to brew a world-class cup of coffee from the experts at the Make Decent Coffee Lounge; you can even take your coffee-making skills a step further with La Cimballi’s ‘The Science of Espresso’ workshop that will teach you all about grinding, temperature, pressure and milk so you’ll have the scientific know-how to make the best espresso imaginable.

If you enjoy blending the rich flavours of the mighty coffee bean with the magic of the arts, you can listen to poetry from up-and-coming poets at the Poetry Café while sipping on Viennese speciality coffee roasts, or browse the artwork of fellow coffee fanatics at the Coffee Art Project. Music lovers can shimmy and shake in the True Artisan Café to the beats of live DJs; or you can enjoy the best international tunes from the coffee belt throughout the festival thanks to Hackney GT and Latinos in London.

Embrace local baristas

The list of exciting, informative and delicious activities is almost limitless, so make sure to pencil the London Coffee Festival into your calendar this spring. Until then, use the Loyalzoo loyalty app to sample the best coffees your neighbourhood has to offer, and get your taste buds ready for next month’s coffee extravaganza!

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