Goals are always easier to reach if they are clearly defined. And so also with customer loyalty. Before simply setting out on a quest to achieve it, ask yourself why you want it. By defining a goal it will also be easier to define the road there.

It may seem a superfluous question with an obvious answer – you want customers loyalty to keep business going and money coming in. That will be at the crux for most – but what does customer loyalty mean, as opposed to a stream of new, one-time, customers?

Customer loyalty to create your brand

If you are a relatively new business, you might be looking to define your brand. To show it as a trustworthy and superior alternative. Focus on winning over each and every customer you get; for each person you convince the next one will be that much easier to sell to. No one is reassured by an empty shop.

Customer loyalty to spread awareness

It is easy to think that the best way of growing a business is to invest in new customers. We have said it before – chasing new customers may be counterproductive and make your existing customers feel overlooked. Focus on the customer experience for your existing customers. Once you have them, look after them so they never have to go anywhere else – and to ensure they speak well of you and your business.

Customer loyalty for feedback

Customers who have been with you for some time are good indicators of what works and doesn’t in your business. If you are yet to do some simple analysis of stock and sales, do put in some effort. Maybe you can drop some products or increase your focus on others? Just be wary of asking the customer what they want – you might find yourself overwhelmed – look instead for buying patterns.

Customer loyalty to strengthen your brand

Business going ok? Trodding along? Perhaps it is time to step it up a notch. If your brand is established, it may be time to market it. But don’t waste your time on old fashioned ad campaigns; unless your budget is big it is hard to make an impact. Focus instead on your ideal customers. Who are they? Then ask where are they. On twitter? Interact with them. On Instagram? Look at what they post and mimic the style for your brand’s page. On Facebook? Look at what they interact with and create posts similar in style. By successfuly defining and communicating with a few of your ideal customers, you are rapidly increasing your chances that people similar to them – ie more of your ideal customers – see it and engage it too.

Getting loyal customers does take time and a bit of effort – but once you know why you need them and who your ideal customers are, not only will it be easier – it will heighten the return you get, too.

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We are huge fans of independent cafés, and are on an unofficial mission to try them all! This is an extreme but enjoyable task, but we happily overindulge on caffeine and sweet treats to continue this arduous task. All in the name of supporting small businesses!

We have had numerous cups of good coffee, and a waistline-threatening range of fantastic treats. A few places stand our in our memory, because of a few things they do in addition to serving great coffee and food. One of these is the Swedish ‘Bageriet’ in Covent Garden in London. Tiny tiny café, serving great food, cakes and coffee, and l-o-v-e-l-y staff. And that’s why we remember it, and want to go back.

We’ve put together a list of 5 things that makes a coffee shop stand out. Read more

At Loyalzoo, we love small businesses; in fact, our digital loyalty app was designed to encourage people to embrace the small and independent businesses in their neighbourhood, and to get small local business owners to build a stronger sense of community.

Support your local businesses

We know the decades of heavy marketing from big corporate conglomerates may have instilled a lasting sense of loyalty for some of the bigger brands out there, but you should seriously consider swapping your favourite Starbucks coffee for a brew from your local neighbourhood café — not just because it’s important to support local entrepreneurs, but because small independent businesses are the lifeblood of the UK’s economy. Read more

If there’s one thing you should know about the Loyalzoo team, it’s that we love coffee. We just can’t get enough — espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos and mochas — we love it all.

Our commitment to coffee

That’s what makes us so committed to the Loyalzoo mission; the Loyalzoo loyalty app allows you to discover new cafés and coffee shops in your area, and notifies you of special deals or loyalty rewards, like half-off coffees or a free cookie with your midday cup. Plus, Loyalzoo can even earn you points when you buy a coffee at your local café. Some may see it as a facilitator of coffee addiction, but we see it as just plain awesome.

This diehard love of coffee means we cannot wait until this year’s fourth annual London Coffee Festival on 3–6 April at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. This is a truly unmissable event for any coffee lover and anyone who’s part of London’s major coffee scene. Read more

In case you didn’t realise it we are massive coffee drinkers here. We drink so much coffee that we must be responsible for at least 30% of Columbia’s GDP. We cant turn down a cup of coffee even if one more cup will give us the caffeine shakes. So imagine what suckers we are for coffee shops with reward schemes!

The other day we found ourselves walking down a high street where a clever store owner was using the amazing Loyalzoo loyalty app. Read more