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In case you didn’t realise it we are massive coffee drinkers here. We drink so much coffee that we must be responsible for at least 30% of Columbia’s GDP. We cant turn down a cup of coffee even if one more cup will give us the caffeine shakes. So imagine what suckers we are for coffee shops with reward schemes!

The other day we found ourselves walking down a high street where a clever store owner was using the amazing Loyalzoo loyalty app. Bear in mind that it was late afternoon and we had a whole morning of coffee drinking behind us. Well the app told us that we only needed two more cups of coffee to get a free chocolate brownie. Coffee and a free chocolate brownie to us is like a red rag to a bull. So what did we do?

Well the sensible thing would have been to carry on walking and just visit the shop in a few days to get our free brownie. After all, its not as if the reward was going anywhere. But we couldn’t help ourselves and in we went, handing over five pounds that we really didn’t need to spend. Money straight from our pocket and into the coffee shop till.

It was well worth it. We don’t regret it. Even when the caffeine withdrawal headache kicked in at the start of our evening.

So here’s the thing, everyone knows that regular customers are the bread and butter of viable businesses. But we weren’t even regulars at this shop. We only pop in occasionally but because they have the amazing Loyalzoo app its super easy for us to accumulate points on our phones. They are literally pinned into our lives. Slowly but surely we are finding ourselves going there even when we don’t need to. We wouldn’t be surprised if we become subconscious regulars and by that we mean visiting regularly without even realising that a clever piece of technology is the reason we are going!

What we really like is that the guys behind the till know our names. Its great to have someone greet you by name as you come to pay. We like to think it is because we are such good looking and memorable people but in reality we know its just the app telling them who we are every time (but we prefer to live in deluded denial).

So there you have it! A snippet of our spending money on coffee we don’t need all because of an app. Do you have a coffee related story? Let us know and maybe we can blog about it!

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