You have created your brand new loyalty program, you have some fab rewards set up, you have informed the staff, and you’re eagerly anticipating an influx of customers really keen to start earning their rewards.

But then, nothing happens. Despite your nice little sign, your social media posts and your email newsletter, customers just aren’t asking for their loyalty points in store. Why not? Read more

There are as many ways with loyalty as with everything else – but the majority fall into three main categories; Read more

It can be hard to keep up with the fast pace of modern technology. We’ll bet there are even some of you out there who don’t know about the handy mobile loyalty apps that make all your old reward and loyalty cards obsolete.

You just download the app to your smart phone and you can find out exactly what your local retailers have on offer, all from the convenience of your phone.

In case that’s news to you, we’re doing our part to educate the masses with our list of the top five things you didn’t know about loyalty apps. Even if you do know all about them, we’re sure there’ll be one or two gems in here that will surprise you. Read more

These days, loyalty apps are becoming increasingly popular. This is because handy apps like Loyalzoo are user-friendly, straightforward and reap a tonne of benefits for independent businesses and customers alike. By offering users a simple, one-stop location for all their loyalty or rewards programmes right on their mobile phone, loyalty apps undoubtedly represent a huge step forward from having a wallet stuffed full of plastic loyalty cards and weathered punch cards.

Unexpected perks

However, loyalty apps could offer you a whole lot more than just convenience. Read more

In case you didn’t realise it we are massive coffee drinkers here. We drink so much coffee that we must be responsible for at least 30% of Columbia’s GDP. We cant turn down a cup of coffee even if one more cup will give us the caffeine shakes. So imagine what suckers we are for coffee shops with reward schemes!

The other day we found ourselves walking down a high street where a clever store owner was using the amazing Loyalzoo loyalty app. Read more