If there’s one thing modern day guys and gals just can’t get enough of, it’s technology. We want everything there at our fingertips in an instant, and that also applies to finding out about deals and specials in our neighbourhood shops.

Relate to customers

Effective marketing isn’t just about conveying a message from your business; it’s about knowing what your customers (and potential customers) want and how to relate to them. In the 21st Century, this means shifting advertising and promotions from increasingly outdated, traditional routes like print and radio, to technology-centred avenues, like loyalty apps.

Simple and affordable

For customers, nifty apps like Loyalzoo are free, easy to download and simple to use. Users can see what you’ve got on offer with just a quick glance at their smart phone, and you can reach a wide audience of potential clientele without breaking the bank. In fact, loyalty apps are ideal for independent businesses because they’re so affordable, and they encourage users to go local by showing them what their neighbourhood retailers have on offer.

In their pockets, on their minds

Sticking to flyers and chalkboard signs outside your door can only take you so far, but with Loyalzoo, it’s like having your business’ chalkboard nestled right in your customer’s pocket. In other words, your business will always be top of mind for loyalty app users, keeping them coming back for more and bringing you new customers time and again.

Keep it fresh

No one wants their business to be considered stagnant. By registering for a loyalty app you automatically position your shop as contemporary, fresh and accessible. Importantly, loyalty apps allow you to stay in touch with the expectations and daily habits of today’s modern consumer: if the majority of today’s customers spend vast amounts of time on their phone, that’s where your business needs to be too.

Embrace innovation

Loyalty cards are easy to lose and a hassle to produce; flyers and chalkboards are easily overlooked and can only reach people in the immediate vicinity of your business. Loyalty apps are the innovative, creative and oh-so-convenient way forward for modern marketing, so why not sign up to Loyalzoo to see how it could benefit your business? You can even sign up as a customer to see what all the fuss is about – we’re sure it’ll have you ready to register your business in no time.

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