How do you feel in that moment when you’re being given a hard sell, even if it’s just for a loyalty programme? Do you feel like there’s some hidden gimmick, or that you’re somehow being bamboozled? When you’re being given a pitch to sign up for a loyalty card while standing at the till to pay, there’s something about it that just doesn’t quite work. The smiling employee rattles off their well-rehearsed lines about earning points and two-for-one deals and you feel yourself groan inwardly as visions of spam emails and punch cards dance in your mind’s eye. You just want to pay and get out of there.

If that’s how you react when you’re being told about yet another loyalty programme, why should your customers feel any different?

Speak your customers’ language

On the other hand, someone need only utter the words, “You know there’s an app for that…”, and suddenly your ears perk up, your curiosity is piqued and you’re eagerly tapping away at your smart phone to download the latest new app to see what all the hype is about.

It’s positively Pavlovian: just hearing that there’s a free app for something is enough to get people to download it and give it a whirl without a second thought. This is exactly why loyalty apps are proving so successful for independent businesses. Take Loyalzoo, for example: it’s convenient, easy to use, and a handy one-stop-shop for customers to discover all the specials their local businesses have to offer.

Save time and money

As a business, you also avoid spending loads of time and money on developing and continuously upgrading your own app. Easy, affordable and effective, it’s helping the little guy find a voice amidst the booming roar of big conglomerates and actively promotes going local.

Why not sign your business up to Loyalzoo today, and see how your customers react when you ask if they’ve got that awesome new app, rather than asking if they’d like another loyalty card? Then, just sit back and watch as new faces turn into familiar regulars, one tap of the app at a time.

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