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We are all busy people. How many times have you been asked to enroll in a rewards program while you are rushing to get home? Signing up while others are in the queue behind you or getting stuck behind someone who is signing up can be frustrating. They say British people love queuing but nothing is more annoying to us than standing in a queue. Call it impatience if you like but hey, c’est la vie! That is why we designed the Loyalzoo loyalty app to be easier to use than breathing air (and who doesn’t like breathing air?)

Here are some tips on increasing signups:

1) Only require and gather customer information that you plan on using. Why bother asking people for information that you do not need? We specifically let your customers signup with no personal data. In fact all they need to do is download the app and they are good to go! No tedious signup process for you or your staff.

2) Make sure your employees know all about how your programme works so they can quickly explain it to customers. Loyalzoo is easy to explain: “every time you buy something you get some points and points mean free stuff! Do you like free stuff?” A great way to get your employees on board is to have a contest to see who can enroll the most new customers.

3) Include a welcome promotion for customers that join. One easy way to entice more customers to join your program is offer them an incentive to do so. Setting up a welcome promotion that will automatically be added to your customer’s profile on Loyalzoo is easy and effective. Just sucking people in with a half price coffee is often enough and once they have the app you are literally a part of their lives and living in their pocket!

Do keep in mind no matter how great your enrollment process is (and with us it really is undeniably great) you will never get 100% of your customers to participate. Your goal should be to make it easy for the customers who do want to participate. Make it easy for them to give you more money and guess what? They will give you more money!

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