When it comes to marketing your business there is one crucial question to ask. Who is my customer? Without knowing who you are selling to, how can you market to them? You probably already have a good idea about who your typical customer is, but it will be worth sitting down and spending a little time just defining your ideal customer/s. Who they are depends on your business.  To help you get started in defining your own, here are 3 typical customers in a retail store;

The one who doesn’t trust you.

This customer is wary of buying from you without knowing for certain they are getting a good deal and a high quality product. These customers will often look at testimonials and ask for recommendations before shopping. One strategy to swing these into buying is to offer them a sample or a money-back guarantee to help them trust you.

The worrier who isn’t sure it’s right for them.

These customers will sit on the fence and struggle to make a decision. Typically they are scared of the product not being right – risking having to return it, cancel the service or worst of all – wasting their time and money. With worriers, it often helps to reassure them. For example, emphasise how easy it is to return something, that they have x days to do so and that they get a full refund (if that’s what your business offers).

The procrastinator

The procrastinator will tell you how much he or she likes the product or the service, but say ‘I’ll come back to you’. For these customers you should create a sense of urgency and added value. For example – if you buy it today, I’ll give you some free samples to go with it, or add you to our mailing list so you get early access to all our sales etc. Just have a think – what can you offer to the customer that will add value to the purchase?

Do you recognise any of these in your business? Or maybe your customers are completely different. Let us know in the comments – and tell us how you approach selling and marketing to these!

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