At Loyalzoo, we know all about the benefits of technology and how it can improve our lives. Take our mobile rewards app, for example: just one quick tap on your smartphone and you can discover specials in all your local shops and earn points and rewards. However, we also know that with all the great technology out there, it can be tricky to find the right device to suit your needs. Everyone seems to have a tablet these days … does this mean you’re supposed to have one too? Or are laptops still essential, even if you have a tablet?

Since we’re such tech fanatics at Loyalzoo, we’d like to help the less technologically savvy to navigate the confusing world of tablets, laptops, e-readers and smartphones. So we’ve taken a look at some of the pros and cons of tablets versus laptops as a quick guide for anyone who may be torn between the two.

When laptops are best

Before settling on a tablet or laptop, you must determine what you need the device for. If you want to use it mostly for entertainment or basic activities like browsing the web and checking emails, then a tablet may be all you need. Alternatively, if you need a device for work purposes, creating content like Word documents or editing videos and photos, then a laptop will certainly be the right choice for you.

Even for high-performance gaming, laptops have the distinct advantage over tablets. Laptops also allow you to view many more file formats than tablets, and are generally much more powerful, with far more storage capacity and software availability.

The advantages of tablets

Does this mean everyone should just stick to laptops? Not necessarily. Tablets come with a host of their own benefits which make them ideal options for some users. One of the main advantages of tablets is their portability; they are far sleeker and more lightweight than laptops and their battery life is nearly six times that of a regular laptop.

Tablets are also great for people who are constantly on the go because they can be used instantly, unlike laptops which take time to boot up and load programs. Most tablets also give notifications while they are asleep, so there’s no need to continuously check for incoming emails or social media interactions.

Final word

Overall, tablets are most suited to basic computer needs both in terms of work and entertainment. This means that purchasing a laptop would be recommended if you haven’t got a primary device, while tablets are recommended as a companion device, particularly for travelling or commuting.

We hope we’ve shed some light on what laptops and tablets have to offer. If you’re still undecided, why not take yourself for a coffee and mull it over? Just check-in with the Loyalzoo app at your favourite local café while you figure out the best device for you.

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