In case you weren’t aware, we’re currently living in the era of the hashtag. With the rapidly growing popularity of Twitter and, more recently, Instagram, the hashtag is now a ubiquitous feature of our online experience. Yet, lots of hashtaggers are doing it just plain wrong.

At Loyalzoo, we understand the importance of hashtag etiquette, and how a hashtag faux pas can sully the social media experience, so here are our 5 crucial tips for maintaining a respectable standard when using the almighty hashtag.

1. Show some restraint

Restrict yourself to using two to three hashtags per post or tweet. It is not acceptable to have more than an absolute maximum of five hashtags in one post. If your hashtags exceed one line, you’ve overdone it.

2. Ensure hashtags are relevant

If you’re posting a photo of something, keep the hashtags directly related to the image or to what you’re trying to highlight. Remember, hashtags are used to mark one specific idea or issue so that people can search the hashtag and find related images or tweets.

3. Don’t hashtag every other random word

Like we said, hashtags should be specific and limited to around two or three. Hashtagging random words like ‘ask’ or ‘day’ don’t really serve much purpose and just make your tweet or caption look cluttered.

4. Avoid #excessivelylongunnecessaryhashtags

Not only are these super difficult to read (especially if they’re all in lower case), but they’re also pointless as they defeat the trending/search purposes of hashtags to begin with.

5. Facebook hashtagging

As much as we love good old Facebook, hashtags are really Twitter and Instagram’s territory. We’re just not feeling the Facebook hashtagging… but that could just be us!

Learn the above tips, and you’ll be all set to make your mark on social media with witty, relevant and downright awesome hashtags.


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